HTC to launch its first smartwatch alongside HTC One M9 in March

According to a latest report, HTC is expected to unveil its first ever smartwatch and its next flagship smartphone HTC One M9 in March. HTC will launch these two products at the Mobile World Congress event scheduled for 1st March, 2015.

Talking about the devices, HTC’s smartwatch is said to feature Under Armour’s fitness tracking software service. Currently, almost every other Android OEM has introduced its smartwatch except for HTC. HTC is likely to use Android Wear as an OS given that majority of the competitors have used it too.

There are instances where OEMs tried using their own, in house developed wearable OS but that didn’t work out well for them. One example is Sony who first used its own Android based OS for its smartwatch but now it has switch to Android Wear for its latest Smartwatch 3.

As for the HTC M9, it is rumored that the device will incorporate a lot of things from the M8 specifically in the design department. HTC M8 won the hearts of many critics in 2014 due to its sleek, all metal design and the customized Sense UI on top of Android.

Apart from that, the new device will have improved audio and video technology, better camera (including the new UltraPixel based camera software) and a support for Dolby Digital 5.1 audio output. HTC One M9 is also said to feature an eight core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor.

There are no details about the pricing and availability of these two devices. Hopefully, HTC will announce complete details at the MWC press event.

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