iPhone 5se photo leaks, shows 4-inch iPhone next to an iPhone 5

We’ve been told that the iPhone 5se will offer a 4-inch display, an A8 processor, with a 12MP back camera, Touch ID (at least according to the iPhone 5se photos we’ve seen so far), and other specifications. Now, we get to see the iPhone 5se placed next to an iPhone 5 to show just how much it will resemble the three-year-old iPhone.

The iPhone 5se differs from the iPhone 5, of course, in that it has a uniquely redesigned home button for Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint sensor that lets you use your fingerprint to access your home screen, apps, and so on. The iPhone 5 had a regular home button that let you return to the home page if you lost your way (but nothing more). The new iPhone 5se, according to the photo, features 3 buttons on the left side of the display and one on the right. The power/standby button on the right side is to be expected, but the three buttons on the left side are somewhat puzzling. After all, two buttons are usually implemented there for the volume up and volume down functions, while the power/standby button locks the screen or cuts the phone off and on. The third button doesn’t have a function in my mind at least, but it seems as though Apple’s got something up its sleeves when it introduces the iPhone 5se. This may serve a function as it has possibly been implemented on earlier iPhones, but it just seems so pronounced in these photos that it may be the case that the iPhone 5se will tell all.

The iPhone 5se definitely looks taller and slightly wider than the iPhone 5se (even though it’s only 4 inches, looks can deceive). The camera and speaker in the iPhone 5se have been slightly retweaked to appear in slightly different places, which is to be expected since it’s been 3 years since the iPhone 5 was unveiled (2012).

The iPhone 5se doesn’t tell us much from the photo, and we can’t even trust that it’s legitimate, but it seems unlikely that someone would leak a photo, call it the iPhone 5se, and use a fake image to do so. It’s almost as though an imposter spreading lies across the Web would be subject to whatever repercussions Apple would inflict on such an individual(s), which is something that a leakster would never want. Also, for the sake of reputation, few individuals would dare to leak an iPhone 5se-looking smartphone that was only a dummy prototype of the real deal (and not the real prototype itself).

If you can take anything from this, it’s that the iPhone 5se is on the way. At this point, the hardware leaks don’t tell us much, since, as KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said, the iPhone 5se will offer nothing in the way of hardware innovation. This is only a tease, but it gives more questions than answers and doesn’t yield anything new. We bring it because, if all pans out, this could be the first photo of the iPhone 5se ever leaked on the Web.


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