El Snapdragon 810 de Qualcomm sufre problemas de calentamiento

Looks like the most anticipated SOC that will most probably be used in most of the high end smartphones of 2015 is facing some problems which would result in the delay of the SOC. This means that the production of smartphone might also get delayed. According to the rumors, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 is facing some heating issues which is caused due to the clocked speeds on the SOC at a certain voltage level. This overheating in the SOC causes it to perform lower than it should.

The overheating is not the only problem that the SOC is facing at the moment as along with that the Andreno 430 GPU is also facing some issues but that is mostly related to drivers while the application processor which controls the RAM is also facing some issues which means that the SOC is not safe to use on a smartphone for now.

We hope that Qualcomm solves the problems that the SOC is facing soon as no one would like the new flagship devices to get delayed. Samsung would still be safe with their Galaxy S6 because they can go with their Exynos Processor, while LG with their Odin processor but what about other companies like HTC etc. which rely totally on Qualcomm.

IF you don’t know Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 is an octa core processor that consists of 8 cores where 4 cores are of cortex A57 that are clocked at 1.96GHz while the other 4 cores are of cortex A53 that are clocked at 1.56GHz. The main big difference between the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and 810 is the new 64bit architecture and high clock speeds and an updated Andreno 430 GPU. The SOC is made in one thing in mind to run QHD equipped smartphones with the best performance


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