Tema Substratum para dar un nuevo aspecto a tu Android

A Substratum is a theme engine for Android interface. It comes with a combination of CyanogenMod and Layers. Through these two theme engines, you will be able to gain useful benefits such as changing your theme without having to reboot all the time and you will also be notified whenever your theme is close to becoming outdated.

Sometimes, trying to use templates could be disappointing and difficult. This should not be the case when you use a Substratum as it is user-friendly and simple to use. To start using Substratum, you will need to root your device and to use it fully, you will need to have and use Substratum themes. To make it easier for you, we have made a list of a collection of Substratum themes that will bring you fresh and appealing looks.

1. Dark Matter

If you would like to make your phone look futuristic, Dark Matter is the perfect app for you. Its designs have been well-thought and details were given close attention to. Its icons were built with perfect high quality pixels. In addition to that, it supports third party apps like Facebook and Whatsapp, icons, navigation bar, Google apps, settings and contacts.

Dark Matter offers their beautiful and elegant theme for only about $1.99.

2. J Dark Ice

J Dark Ice offers a beautiful theme which comes with multiple colors which you could choose from. It has ice blue, ice jade, ice pink, primary blue, ice silver, red, yellow and red. Aside from that, this app allows its users to customize its camera, calculator, chrome, inbox, settings, file manager, clock, SystemUI and email.

3. ModernUI

If you are into the designs of Windows Phone 10, then ModernUI is for you. It comes with dark background and has a touch of blue color. Its theme includes GoogleContacts, systemUI, calculator, packageinstaller, setting and GoogleDialer customization effect. The only downside of this app is it is based on a defined concept. This means you will not be able to choose colors to make your theme more attractive.


Attention to smallest details with a futuristic retro feeling, GRVY is an app to look for. It comes with high quality vectorized glyphs and 40 plus themed apps. It offers you the ability to customize settings, navigation bar, power menu and third party apps such as Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp and Instagram. This app is offered at a cost of $1.49.

5. PitchBlack

Classy, minimalist and yet a hint of materialism and a lot of color combinations to choose from, PitchBlack is an app that is hard not to notice. It offers about 12 material design exclusive themes and two types of navigation bar overlays. In addition to that, it also has a two boot animation and network indicators. This app comes with a fee of $1.99.

6. A Swift Dark Substratum Theme

If you are tired of the white default background on your Android UI, then Swift Dark is the app for you. It will make your UI into a darker mode together with your settings and systemUI. It also offers themes and ad services such as AOSP apps, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube and many more.

You could get Swift Dark as low as $1.99 only.

7. Flux

Flux comes with a design of perfect pixels and high quality vector graphics. It offers modern look and allows its users to customize its dialer, notifications, keyboard and settings. You could get Flux in Google Play at about $1.49 only.

8. Compound

Compound is known for its highly customizable theme that suppors Android Nougat and later versions. It comes with both light and dark version, it is highly recommended to use its darker tone if you wish a more appealing and polished look. This app comes with a price of $1.49 only.

9. RubiQ

If you want for your device to look vibrant, then RubiQ is the perfect app for you. It comes with tack sharp and vector based icons. It includes light and dark overlays or mode. It also offers multiple shades, themes for bar, navigation, battery icons, smartbar, system app, boot animation and third party apps. This app is offered at a small cost of $1.49.

10. Reverie

This substratum app comes with highly customizable theme and unique system icons. It includes multiple colors, setting icons, vector status bar, animated switches, checkboxes, buttons, alarm, custom ring, font battery icons, wallpapers and notification sounds. Reverie comes with an affordable price of $1.49.

11. Spectrum Theme

This app comes with over 180 color options and thousands of different themes. Through this app, you will be able to customize the settings, AOSP apps, systemUI, Whatsapp, Google apps, Twitter and many more. Spectrum Theme is offered at a price of $1.99.

12. Antares

Antares is based and inspired by the shape, hexagon. It offers blue-gray backtone and offers its own front pack, boot animation, sound panel and lock screen. This app could be used on AOSP apps, Google apps and system UI for only $0.99.

13. Transparent Theme

Just as its name says, this app offers a transparent UI background. It offers a glass like look and whenever you change your wallpaper, you will be able to use a new theme of your choosing. Through Transparent Theme, you will be able to customize primary colors, icons, fonts and borders. This app comes with a price of only $0.99.

14. Outline Theme

Outline Theme supports about 80 apps, 43 third party apps, 25 google apps and 12 system apps. It allows its users to choose from a wide range of colors and mix and match them with accent and primary colors. This app costs about $1.99.

15. Streamlined Light

From SnN, Streamlined Light offers a mesh icon style and minimal simplicity. It supports numerous app such as AOSP, system apps, Whatsapp, Google apps, Softkeys and Smartbar.

16. Coalfield

This substratum app comes with pastel color scheme over a dark background which offers pleasing look on your device. It includes a full material design color palette, custom fonts, boot animations, notification icons, animated switched, checkboxes and buttons and volume panel. This app comes with a price of $1.49.

17. S.i.X Theme

S.i.X offers about 150 accent, 21 framework background colors, 150 primary colors, 8 AOSP keyboard color, 24 navigation bar, 36 font styles, 10 boot animation and 4 setting card styles. This app supports all Google apps and system. This app could be used for free.

18. Gravija

Gravija offers a simple and well balanced look with a feel of excellence and exclusivity. It comes with both light and dark modes and has lots of customization features and overlays. Gravija is priced at $1.49.

19. Luminous

This app could be used on 55 different apps and offers 49 different colors. It supports all AOSP apps, SuperSu, Google apps, SystemUI, inbox, YouTube and many more. This app comes with an affordable price of $1.49.

20. Belo

If you want a clean, simple, classy and polished look, Belo is the perfect app for you. Belo includes dark and light themes and supports almost all system apps, popular apps, setting UI, Google+, Gmail, YouTube, Play Store, Whatsapp, etc.

Belo comes with a price of $1.99.

21. Pikzel 12 in 1

This app comes with 12 accent colors such as green sea, midnight blue, smoked R and many more. It also supports numerous popular apps such as Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Whatsapp and many more. In addition to that, through this app, you will be able to choose, apply and assign different colors to your apps. This app is priced at $0.99.

22. Default Dark Theme for Substratum

This app is based on AOSP dark color version mode. It allows its users to customize their device’s System UI, documentUI, settings and AOPS apps. This app comes with teal color and other options such as blue, lime, green, cyan and red.

23. Rounded UI Theme

If you are into curvy and rounded shaped designs, then this app is perfect for you. It makes your UI items, buttons, apps, notifications and apps’ borders round. This app comes with a price of $0.99.

24. Greyce

This app provides its users a minimalistic feel which comes with three options –light theme with black accent, pixel variant with blue accent, light theme with gray accent. Greyce applies its themes one’s device’s calculator, AOSP keyboard, gallery, systemUI, settings, popular apps and documents.

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