Three Types of Technology to Help You Stop Smoking

Scientists have been trying to find effective ways to help people to stop smoking for decades. Believe it or not, scientists found that smoking was bad for us in the 1940s and 1950s, but it took a while after that for it to really hit home.

Since then, there have been many theories and methods on how best to kick the habit of a lifetime. The success rate of each has varied massively, and some were downright laughable.

Now we are in the age of technology, and thanks to that, there are tried and tested methods to help you stop smoking that are a great way to help you finally kick the habit for good. See our favorite examples below.

1. Switch to Vaping

Many people have chosen to switch to vaping rather than smoking traditional cigarettes to help them transition to quitting. Companies such as RELX offer a variety of vape devices that come in different shapes and sizes to suit individual needs. There are also a vast number of e-liquid flavors available, making the vaping experience even tastier than smoking cigarettes ever was. Furthermore, you can choose your nicotine level with vapes allowing you much more control over what you inhale.

2. quitSTART

The first of the two apps on this list is quitSTART. It’s free and designed to give you motivation and tips, as well as help you track your journey through quitting smoking. You can monitor your progress with milestones, share on your social media, and also manage your cravings and bad mood throughout.

The idea is all about being aware of your journey and making new habits. Given that we all have our cells on us all the time, it’s a great way to leverage technology to assist you on your journey to quitting smoking once and for all.

3. Quit Sense

The second app on this list is a more recent innovation and features the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Quit Sense was created in a UK university, and the concept is that the app senses when you might be triggered to smoke, for example, at specific locations. When that happens, users are supported via the app on how best to manage the temptations to light up.

Given that AI is a relatively new concept, there’s still a way to go, but we think this app is a great place to start.

Use Technological Innovation to Help You Stop Smoking Today!

With technology improving every year, utilizing it to help users quit smoking is a great way to move towards a healthier society. With the help of apps, AI, and vaping, we could see a world without cigarettes sooner than we may have thought.

And these solutions may just be the beginning. Who knows what new technology in the coming years might provide us? All we know is that using technology to help us to achieve a healthier world is a great use of science, and we’re excited to see where it goes from here.

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