Twitter member @alphabet gets a flood of congratulations after Google restructure announcement

Alphabet. The word reminds you of the English chain of letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, etc., but Google’s new parent company this week adds a new connotation to this word. On Monday, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced that Google as consumers have known it will now become one of many companies under the umbrella of a new conglomerate, called “Alphabet.” Nest, the smart thermostat company, alongside of the company’s other projects (this most likely includes the new Google Auto self-driving car company) such as Google’s X Labs, Fiber, Ventures, Sidewalks, and Calico, will become separate companies that operate independently from Google.

YouTube, Search, Google Adwords, Gmail, and Android will remain under Google, with Google becoming more of a mobile company than anything else. Google founders Page and Brin will leave Google in the capable hands of 43-year-old Sundar Pichai (who is now Google CEO). Page will serve as CEO of Alphabet, with Brin serving as President of the company.

This restructuring has already made the Android owner more profitable than ever before, with the company’s stock market value climbing by a whopping $28 billion shortly after the announcement.

All the attention from the search engine giant’s new “Alphabet” conglomerate, where “C” is for “Calico,” “G” is for “Google,” and “N” is for “Nest Labs,” has resulted in newfound fame for one Twitter member in particular, named Chris Andrikanich. He says that on Monday afternoon at around 4:30pm, after the Google Alphabet announcement, Chris started receiving “congrats” mentions on Twitter with statements sent to “@alphabet” (which happens to be Chris’s Twitter name on the social media site). He drove to his kid’s school and in just 40 minutes received somewhere near 1000 mentions – his phone buzzing the entire time. Of course, he has nothing to do with the new Alphabet conglomerate, but he may find that his Do Not Disturb mode on his iPhone 6 may prove necessary until all the hype dies down.

As the link below says, “Remember, kids: It’s all fun and games until your Twitter account is accidentally rendered nearly useless by a huge corporate announcement.”


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