FIXD Review: Must Read Before You Buy This Gadget

FIXD has been making noise in the vehicle diagnostics industry. In fact, many has been curious about this gadget and many are asking if it is as accurate as a mechanic’s diagnostic checkup.

Through the FIXD device, you will get a notification through a smartphone app whenever your car or vehicle has technical issues. What is more amazing about this device is that through it, you will be able to get a detailed analysis which you could use to monitor any of your mechanical conditions of your car.

Through your FIXD device, you will be able to prevent unnecessary stressful situations which is why it is highly recommended for you to install the FIXD app on your smartphone device. This device is a tool which drivers would find convenient especially in monitoring the internal workings of their vehicles. It could prevent accidents due to mechanical damage and avoid being stranded on the streets.

Quick Overview of FIXD

FIXD as mentioned earlier is a device which provides detailed information and features a monitoring function on your vehicle’s status and condition. It is actually integrated with smart sensors and it works as a smart assistant of your car. It provides realtime information and it ensures you would be guided with easy instructions.

What Exactly Is FIXD?

FIXD is a realtime self-diagnosis of car through an app. This type of tool comes with an OBD2 system. In short, it would give you information which you would need in order to know the problems that your car is experiencing or could have. Moreover, it also provides about your car’s history.

Get FIXD Now

FIXD comes with a simple and highly functional interface which allows you to monitor the condition of your vehicle. It provides you a diagnosis of the problem of your vehicle and at the same time possible costs in fixing the problem. Hence, through this device, no mechanic could cheat you.

FIXD could be used on any car that has been produced in 1996 onward. With FIXD you will be able to prepare for the unexpected and the unsuspected engine vehicle failure which could lead for you to be stranded on the road.

How Does FIXD Work?

FIXD uses an OBD2 system and app to diagnose your car. It provides you an assessment of your vehicle and ensure to notify you of any vehicle problems that your car is experiencing. Through this device, you could save time, money and helps you avoid any huge accident. It has the ability to notify you in case your engine oil heats and your oxygen sensor stops working. It also provides you a detailed history and gives you information on what type of repair your car needs.

What Kind of Issues Does the FIXD Sensor Detect?

FIXD sensors have the ability to notify its user about the engine light and other problems that it could detect. It offers maintenance timeline information. It also has the ability to determine mileage and alerts. Moreover, it is a continuous monitoring system which detects problems and provides notifications.

Top 5 Features and Specification of FIXD

  • Save time- through effective diagnosis, you will be able to save time in going to mechanical workshops most of the time.
  • Less flapping – you will be able to have everything under control and avoid crashing with mechanic
  • Easy to use – this device is easy to use
  • Protection – it is very effective in determining possible mechanical damages which prevents you from being exposed to unnecessary frustrating and dangerous situations
  • Save money – you would be able to save money as you do not have to always go to a mechanic for analysis.


  • Notifies when your engine lights have a problem
  • It monitors your vehicle’s engine
  • Notifies you when there is a problem detected
  • Provides vehicle problem history through its log menu
  • Runs from vehicle power which means it does not need any battery nor does it require recharging.


  • It does not work with diesel and electric battery operated cars

FIXD Installation Guide

  • Insert OBD2 socket under your steering wheel of your car. You would find this under the dashboard.
  • Download the app for free
  • Enter the required credentials – your name, surname, etc.
  • Enter the code of your OBD2 socket
  • Wait for the app to be configured with your device and vehicle
  • Monitor your car’s condition in real time

How to Use FIXD?

  • Check the code reader
  • Insert FIXD at the bottom of your vehicle’s steering wheel
  • Download the app on your phone or device
  • Register and enter your details
  • Wait until your OBD sensor and app to be configured

Is FIXD A Scam?

Upon testing this device, we could say that it is effective and efficient. Hence, FIXD is not a scam. It could help you immensely and it could accurately detect problems and damages of your car.

How Much Does FIXD Cost?

FIXD is very affordable. It is available for only $59.99 for a single purchase and for pair for only $89.99. They also offer a combo of buy 2 get 1 free for only $119.98.

Is There A Money-Back Guarantee and Warranty?

Yes FIXD provides shipping and money-back guarantee. Hence, you could get a refund in case you purchased a defective product. Moreover, it has a one year limited warranty.

Where Can I Buy FIXD?

You will be able to find FIXD on their official website. On there website, you will be able to find exclusive, limited and discounted price.


Is it necessary to charge the FIXD device?

No, as mentioned earlier you would not need to recharge it as it runs on your car’s power.

Can FIXD be used on multiple cars?

Yes, this is possible but it is discouraged. For better accuracy, we highly recommend to use one FIXD device at a time.

Do you need to remove the FIXD device from your car if you are not using it?

You could remove the device from your vehicle and connect it with your car. If you are not using it and have removed the device from your car, you could save more car battery.

Does FIXD have monthly fee?

No, FIXD does not have a monthly fee. Its club membership is for free as well.

Is the FIXD app free?

Yes, the FIXD app is free and could be used by anyone who has an Android or Apple device.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information which you could use as a guide about FIXD.

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