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An AdBlocker solution can prevent that your browsing experience is hampered by annoying ads and marketing banners on websites. There are different types of ads including pop-ups, texts, images and videos. The majority of web browsers that we use nowadays offer an option that allows you to block the ads so that you can access the content on the website without distractions. However, it is possible to find alternatives in the form of extensions, plugins and third party applications that let you stop the ads.

If you are looking for a solution that save you the hassle of having to put up with ads, the programs in this list are a great choice. They will help you to block all kinds of ads on websites and popular social media sites like Facebook. These applications filter the ads, allowing you to access the content that really interests you. Here are the best options to protect your online browsing experience from ads that do nothing else, but bother you.

Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon

This is a good solution for Firefox users who want to get rid of pop-up windows that are constantly appearing when they complete an action. This addon extends the functionality of Adblock Plus, ensuring that it works well when it comes to targeting Pop-ups. Just keep in mind that you will need to add the pop-up URL to Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon’s filters to make sure that it is effective.

Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher is a free ad blocking solution to defend your browsing against the inconvenience of bothersome advertisement. It works with multiple browser such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and more. Ad Muncher gets rid of ads in different platforms and websites. It is simple, effective and convenient.

Adblock Super

Adblock Super is a fantastic extension for Safari, Chrome and Opera. It is a popular solution that blocks ads and it is easy to use. You won’t need to deal with ads that don’t even interest you. Adblock Super stops most ads from downloading, allowing you to enjoy a more efficient experience.

Better Pop Up Blocker

This free adblocker extension is an effective way to deal with ads, particularly popups. It is ideal for ensuring that you can browse popular websites without issues and you can also access search engines platforms without worrying about being targeted with ads.

Facebook AdBlock

As the name suggests, Facebook AdBlock is specifically designed to block ads on Facebook. You will be able to see your friends’ posts and the information that really matters to you without being interrupted by annoying ads. It is easy to use and can even block ads in the news stream and Facebook video ads.

Poper Blocker

This extension for Google Chrome will allow you to block pop-ups and pop-unders, making sure that they don’t affect your browsing experience when you access a website. When Poper Blockers stops an ad from loading, it gives you a notification, which can be useful in case you actually want to see the content that was blocked and want to enable future popups from that site.

Simple Adblock

If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, this is a fast and effective solution. You can install it easily and browse internet without worrying about ads. It is simple, free and you can select your country and region to enjoy all the advantages that it offers. With Simple Adblock, you can block gifs, Javascript layers and animations.

RedMorph Browser Controller

This versatile extension is compatible with most web browsers and it includes helpful tools and features that will even allow you to enjoy a truly private and powerful browsing experience. It is a great solution for users who are concerned about how ads affect their privacy.

Bluhell Firewall

Bluhell Firewall is an impressive add-on specially designed for Firefox. It is set to give you a faster browsing experience by blocking annoying web resources. It is lightweight and can block ads and trackers, allowing you to protect your privacy.


With AdFender, you can block ads and malvertisement on any browser. It allows you to protect yourself from invisible trackers and other threats. You can stop ads and pop-ups that load automatically whenever you click on a page. You will be able to browse securely and make sure that the content that you really want to see, is loaded faster.

Adguard AdBlocker

This adblock extension is suitable for multiple browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Yandex, Opera and Palemoon. It is a practical solution to tackle pop-ups and ads. It blocks annoying advertising on many websites and platforms, including Facebook and YouTube. Adguard AdBlocker is a good option for all types of adverts, from banners to pop-ups and more.


Safari users can rely on this extension that can block the ads that don’t allow you to fully enjoy your online browsing experience. Ka-Block! block ads and tracking scripts so the web pages that you want to access won’t slow down.


Roadblock is a powerful solution created by Obied Corner. It works on Safari, macOS and iOS, and allows you to take back control over your browsing experience. If you are having trouble focusing on the content on your favorite websites because it is full of distracting ads, you should consider opting for this efficient solution.

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