Meilleur logiciel d'édition de PDF

PDF (which stands for Portable Document Format) is used in many scenarios and it is one of the preferred solutions when it comes to distributing digital documents. This popular format can be used to handle a variety of documents including fiction books, academic material, corporate documentation and software guides. PDF offers good compatibility, convenient functionality and more, but there would be cases in which you may need to make changes on a PDF document. Although there are programs that can be used for editing tasks, they can be very expensive. Thankfully, it is possible to find free PDF editor applications that work very well. Here is a list of options that will get the job done, without breaking the bank.

PDFsam (Basic)

This free and open-source application allows you to handle multiple editing tasks on PDF files. PDFsam is very easy to use and it lets you adjust the size of PDFs, merge and rotate them and more. You can easily select what you want to do from the home-screen and it is possible to determine the specific parameters that you wish to select. For instance, you can choose the output path and the regular expression based matching for each PDF document. As expected, the basic version covers only a handful of features but you can get more when you upgrade to the Enhanced version. PDFsam supports Mac and Windows.

PDF Shaper

PDF Shaper allows you to convert PDF files to RTF documents that can be edited. In addition, PDF Shaper offers a selection of features that will allow you to complete editing tasks such as merging, rotating and splitting PDF documents. With PDF Shaper, you can also extract text and images from PDFs and the application comes with multiple themes. It lets you convert PDFs to images and you can even sign PDF files digitally. They can also be encrypted using a password. It works with Windows.


This web-based PDF editing solution comes with a great collection of features and it is very easy to use. It is possible to insert texts to images and to set up links to freehand drawings in PDF documents. PDFEscape also supports annotation capabilities and it is possible to fill in PDF forms without hassle. You can also share edited documents online when you register for a free account. If you only need to handle PDF files that are 10 MB or less and that is no longer than 100 pages, PDFEscape may be just what you need.


If you are looking for a feature-rich online PDF editor that can handle large files, DocHub may be exactly what you need. It supports annotation and also allows you to add text, highlights and more. All the changes made are saved to the cloud in real-time and the transfers are protected with 256-bit encryption. DocHub also supports collaboration and it can be used with Dropbox and Google Drive. Other notable features include form-filling and if you go for the premium version, you can fax pages and get multi-user signing.


PDFZorro is another web-based editor that you can get for free and it offers fantastic features. It adds security to your PDFs because it uses SSL encryption to upload them. Once the PDF files have been edited, PDFZorro deletes them completely from its servers. You can use the tool to highlight information, add text or shapes. In addition, it is possible to protect the data using passwords. The PDFs can also be compressed to reduce their size. There is a Chrome extension available that allows you to edit and merge files in your Google Drive account.

PDF- XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer is ideal for users who require annotation capabilities. The program comes with an extensive selection of features that makes things simple when you need to add information to PDFs. With PDF-XChange Viewer, it is possible to add stamps, sticky notes and more. The application also supports tools that will let you find out the perimeter, distance and area of a specific region on a document. It is also possible to use PDF-XChange Viewer as a portable app.


AbleWord is mainly a word-processor, but it deserves to be considered for PDF editing purposes thanks to the good performance that it offers. With AbleWord, you can read and edit PDF documents, as well as render files with incredible quality. The tool allows you to add, remove and modify texts and images, insert tables, check spelling and more. All you need to do is to open the PDF document that you want to edit and let AbleWord take care of the process. AbleWord is available for Windows.

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