Facebook launches web version of messenger app for desktop users

Facebook has launched a new web interface of its Messenger app for desktop users which can be accessed on The web interfaces works almost the same way as the WhatsApp desktop version works which was released in January this year.

Launching doesn’t mean that Facebook is going to terminate messaging feature from its social site, users can still send messages from The new web interface will provide a new way for desktop users to connect with their friends on Facebook. According to Facebook, the dedicated desktop Messenger web app is to support the Messenger mobile app.

The interface of the Messenger web app is similar to the mobile app except for the fact that both messenger screens (the one with the list of friends and other with the chat window) are displayed in a single screen on desktop. However, there is one interesting feature in the desktop Messenger app and that is the ability to turn on desktop notifications which popup on the user’s screen whenever they get a message. Think of it just like the Skype notifications.

The new platform will provide a more convenient way for people to chat with their friends who just use Facebook for chatting purposes. This will not distract them from the News Feed elements which come every now and then.

Currently, few features that the Messenger desktop app is missing is to record and send audio messages and send a photo from a webcam instantly. One last question that remains unanswered is whether Facebook will develop a desktop based client for its Messenger app rather than a web based interface which could be annoying for people with many tabs opened in the browser.

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