How to Find a Person by Address?

Have you ever tried to find the owner of abandoned property? If yes, then we have something for you.

 Tracking the owner of a property or an address is a challenging task. Asking in the neighbor or connecting with a realtor sounds like a lot of work. That is why using an address lookup is the most reasonable option you have.

With an address lookup service, you can find any type of information about a property and its current and previous owners.

In this article, we will cover a few things about this tool and how you can use it to find a person by address. The whole process is quite simple and you won’t need to submit any kind of information. Instead, you just need the physical address and it will take care of the rest.

What is Address Lookup Service? 

Address lookup is an online service that provides information related to any address. The information covers everything about that property, its owner, and the neighborhood. You can think of it as a research tool that gives you better insights into an address or property.

People use this service while selling or buying a property. It is because it gives you complete information, even if the realtor is hiding it from you. 

However, another use of this tool is to find out about the owner of a property. When you enter an address on this tool, it shows you the list of people who have lived or owned that property.

Thus, it is one of the easiest ways to find a person by address. Address lookup services come with online platforms like CocoFinder and ZabaSearch. Today, we will share the guide using CocoFinder’s website. 

Before we go ahead and share the steps, here are a few things about this solution.


CocoFinder is an online search engine that provides easy access to public information online. It has different tools including reverse phone lookup, address lookup, background check, and white pages to find this information. Users can click on any of these tools to get the information they are looking for.

Unlike other applications, CocoFinder works without any registration process. It helps in keeping your identity secured and helps you avoid compromising your identity to third-party applications. Also, the server of this platform is secured to keep its data safe.

CocoFinder’s Address Lookup- How to Use it?

The CocoFinder’s address lookup is a simple yet effective tool to find the information of an address. It works as a search engine to find data from millions of web pages. To access this tool, you need to click on the Address Lookup button from the homepage of CocoFider’s website.

It will redirect you to a new window where you can access this tool.  It will look similar to the one, shown in the above picture. There, you can enter the complete address and hit the search button. Depending on the search queue, it will create a  report where you can find all the information about that property.

This report is not like the search results of a search engine. Instead, its algorithm ranks the most relevant data and creates a reliable report for you. In the first section, you will find the name of the person and other details.

Tip: After getting the owner’s name from the address report, use the People Search tool from the same website and get the complete details of that person. It includes the contact details and other important information of that individual.

What is Included in an Address Lookup Report?

An address lookup has three main sections- Property Details, Owner Details, and Neighborhood Details. 

  1. Property Details

The first section includes the details of that property. It includes:

Square Footage: Check the square footage of the property, according to the legal documents

Layout: You can check the layout of the property to know how many rooms or kitchens are there in the house. Also, several other factors will help in verifying the layout.

Built and Registration Date: Check the registration date and built year of the property. The date is sometimes approximated up to the built year.

Area Code: This part includes the area code where the property is situated. Thus, it can help in verifying the physical aspects of a property,

Legal Documents: Check all the legal documents of a property to find out whether it exists or not.

Mortgage Information: Get the latest mortgage information of an address to know if the loan is paid or not.

  1. Owner Details

This section includes all the details related to the owners of that property. You can find:

Full Name: Find the full name of each owner of that property. The name is according to the lease and registration papers.

Contact Information: Get the contact information of all the previous owners of that property. You can ask them about the property details or any other questions you want.

Social Media Profiles: The Address lookup report by CocoFinder provides social media profiles of all the tenants and owners of that property.

Criminal Records: Check the criminal records of the owner to find more about them.

Note: To get an in-depth report, use the Background Check feature of this application.

  1. Neighborhood Details

The last section includes the neighborhood details. You can find:

Average Value: Check the average value of properties available in that area. Also, get the estimated price based on each property.

Sex Offenders: It will show caution if there is a sex offender in that area.

Average Income: Use this section to find the average income of people living there.

Demographic Information: Learn more about the demographic information of that area. It helps in getting an overview of what it is like to live in that neighborhood.

Final Words

If you want to search for someone by their address, using an Address Lookup is your best option. This tool allows you to find any type of information about the owner of a property. Once you get this detail, you can use the People Search or Background Check feature to know more about them.

All these tools are available on CocoFinder for free.

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