Samsung’s Good Lock Lock Screen officially announced, available for select devices in select markets

Have you heard of Good Lock? It’s a lock screen that allows you to customize your UI experience even more. In other words, you can take Samsung’s TouchWiz and tweak it more to your liking than ever before. Well, I’ve had the pleasure of working with my coworkers over at SamMobile, and we’ve had some weeks to play around with what can only be described as a TouchWiz-vanillafied look, and I’m now pleased to see Samsung make a formal, official announcement about the new app and its availability.

Good Lock allows you to change the color of your icons in the notifications shade as well as the shade itself by way of a row of colors that range from light pastel colors to deep dark colors and hot pinks and blues in-between. You also have the pleasure of experiencing Keep Notifications, a new system within notifications that lets you decide which notifications you want to dismiss and which ones you want to “keep.” The current Android setup allows you to dismiss notifications, but it doesn’t allow you to keep or retrieve old notifications: if you dismiss a notification, it’s gone. Permanently.

Aside from the drop-down notification menu and Keep Notifications, you also have a revamped recents menu. The recents menu within current Android is a card-style design, patterned after Google’s own information cards that give you the weather, traffic information, updates to tech sites that you read and frequent, packages delivered or on the way, and so on. The new recents menu provides more of a list-view setup where you can see app icons for all the apps you have open without showing who you’re texting or sending an email to, for example. I like the list-view setup much better than the current card-style setup, since it protects the names of friends and relatives with which you’re interacting. You can show off your recents menu with 15 apps/webpages open without leaking personal information about those with whom you stay in touch.

Samsung has updated Good Lock at least once since the UI emerged, and the Korean giant has brought a card-style recents menu option to the new app (for the vanilla Android crowd). Samsung has also added the darker pastel colors for your drop-down window or menu so that you don’t have to stick with a “kiddy” pastel color on your device, so the company is listening to all of its criticisms and trying to make it better. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every Samsung fan loves Good Lock, or that every vanilla Android fan does either, but, in the tradition of Samsung, the company is giving all it has to help people fall in love with TouchWiz even more.

If you want to find out more about Good Lock, you can check out SamMobile‘s very own Good Lock app review and take a look at the Good Lock images below.

Good Lock 1

Good Lock 2

Good Lock 3

Good Lock 4

Good Lock 5

Good Lock 6

Good Lock 7

Good Lock 8

Good Lock 9

Good Lock 10

Good Lock 11

Good Lock 12

Good Lock 13


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