Gadgets as Statement Fashion Accessories: Top Trends

We’ve always been proud of our tech, gleefully showing off the latest new finds to family and friends. A few decades ago, this might have been the latest invention, a microwave oven. But although bragging rights and tech go together, the idea of tech as a statement fashion accessory is relatively new, with a few possible exceptions, such as the Swiss Watch, for example. Fast-forward to the present, and we find all kinds of tech and tech accessories becoming part of personal styling and these trends are among the fashionable must-haves that are gaining traction.

Phones and Designer Phone Covers

The mobile phone may be old news, but the latest iterations are not only smarter than ever before, but better looking. Add to that personalizations like these cute phone cases for Google Pixel 5, and matching your tech to your personal style becomes as easy as picking a phone case to match your mood.

With the trusty smartphone often on hand, other accessories also speak of brand loyalties and personal taste. The pop socket, for example, ranges from flaunting brand names like Gucci to featuring fun emojis or simply offering a range of colors from which you can pick your favorites. 

Of course, the phone itself is the most important part of the package, and Apple users are undoubtedly the flashiest while Samsung settles for a runner-up position in the phones-as-fashion stakes.

Earphones and Earbuds

Believe it or not, there was a time when earphones and earbuds were just that. Then came the cool fashion colors. Next, we ditched the wires, and now, they even double as jewelry. Keeping your favorite sounds close takes on a whole new meaning, and with earring-like trimmings to add extra zing, there’s a chance that you might never want to be without them.

Smart Watches and Wellness Trackers Meet Jewelry

The 1980s James Bond would be amazed at what one can get without “Q” to help with “secret tech.” Not only do wearable wellness trackers and smart watches do things he’d never have dreamed of, but they’re also styled to impress. 

Some designers are offering jewelry as a substitute for the practical but unattractive fasteners initially used for wearable tech, but some have gone even further, integrating tech into the jewelry itself. You can even get diamond rings that vibrate when there’s an incoming call on your phone or a fully functional wellness tracker that looks like a rather pretty ring!

As Fashion Influences Tech, Tech Also Influences Fashion

Don’t think that the advance of tech into fashion is going to stop at wearable devices and smartphones. There are some exciting innovations, including programmable, color-changing fabrics in the pipeline. Ever wished you’d bought a red shirt instead of a green one? In the very near future, switching colors could be a simple matter of programming your look for the day. Since glitches do sometimes affect tech, especially new tech, “wardrobe malfunctions” may take on a whole new meaning soon!

Beauty and Functionality Recombine

Although highly impractical fashions have come and, for the most part, gone, the trend towards wearable tech and high-tech wearables is set to grow by leaps and bounds. For those who believe that beauty should be functional too, there’s a lot of good news, both in stores, and in the pipeline.

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