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How To Bypass Passwords For Free Downloads on iPhone and iPad

Even free downloads on iOS, as is the case with Android and Windows Phone, mandate the use of a password, but you may find yourself uncomfortable with needing to use your password each time you download an app. While you want to have security measures in place with paid apps so that your credit or debit card isn’t billed for an app you don’t want (and against your knowledge at that), you don’t have a problem with billing for free app downloads because you’re not billed for them. Learning how to bypass passwords for free downloads on iPhone and iPad consists of a few steps:

• Go to settings, then select “iTunes & App Store” in the left column.
• Look across the iTunes & App Store section to the right side, and you’ll see a section titled “password settings.” Select it.
• You’ll then be taken to a section titled “Free Downloads.” If your device shows a green button, you’ll want to press it to deselect this option. You may be prompted to enter your password to be granted this request. Go ahead and do this if you’re prompted.

From this point on, you’ll know how to bypass passwords on iPhone and iPad with few problems. This is a measure that may decrease your security, and you may want to reactivate free app download password prompts at some point in the future, but it may be easier this way for your children (if you have any) who’ll always need to download apps at a moment’s notice when you’re not there.

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