How to Detect Listening Devices in My Home or Office

Are you one of those who value privacy? Yes, we do understand that this is one of the essentials and important factors one must consider and take care of especially with the rapid development of technology. Nowadays, it is much more difficult to sustain and to protect as technology has been abused and misused. Though that is the case, the good news is there are several ways and methods on how to keep our place, home or office safe, private and away from the prying ears of others and in this article, we shall discuss this extensively.

How to Detect Listening Devices in My Home

To be able to protect your privacy, you would not need to have a military grade listening device detector. Luckily, all need to have is a just a couple of different supplies, time and patience.

What Are Listening Devices and How Do They Work?

Listening devices are electronic devices which are used to get audio or listen to conversations or different sounds within a specific area and range. The effectivity, sensitivity and efficiency of these devices would depend on the quality and price of the device. In fact, those high-end listening devices are difficult to detect and notice. Moreover, they could also pick up even those soft and quieter sounds and at a much longer range.

Once the listening device gets the sound or audio, it would then record the audio on either an internal or external storage. It would also then transmit the recording to an external receiver.

The transmission of the recording could be done via cable which is easier to detect as cables could be spotted and as for wireless method, this could be detected through wireless signals via apps and equipment.

How Listening Devices are Detected – Methods

Through this article, we shall provide you different ways on how you could detect if there is a listening device at your home or office. Keep in mind that some of them could get complicated and sometimes you would need to invest a little bit.

The main and easiest way to detect listening device is through the detection of signals that it emits. Keep in mind that this method would only work only when the devices are working or are powered on.

Detecting these types of devices could be as simple as using a phone app to detect the signal while also keep in mind that higher end devices could have the tendency to mask their signals which might mean that you will have to buy professional equipment for this.

Moreover, when the listening devices are turned off, you might need a professional bug sweep detectors. To put this together, you will need to use technology which could detect electronics using semiconductors. This means, if you wish for technology to work, you will have to pay a higher price.

How to Find a Listening Device in Your House


Go room to room and search clockwise direction around the room. You could inspect the following possible places?:

  • Under the shelves, countertops, desks, tables and chairs
  • Inside lampshades and other lights
  • In and on books on bookcases
  • Ornaments
  • Pot plants
  • Under the sofa
  • Cushions and lining
  • Household items
  • TV stands
  • TV
  • Speakers
  • Paintings and pictures
  • Decors

Try to check your room too and whatever it is inside. Try to be as thorough as you could.

How Do I Find a Listening Device in My Home with a Cellphone

  • You will need a phone to make a call and another one to receive another call.
  • Ensure that the phone that will receive a call is on silent mode
  • Start making a call and answer it on the other phone
  • Walk around slowly and in a steady motion
  • Listen to the phone that is making the call
  • If there are clicks and cracks, then there is a listening device which is turned on and is transmitted
  • Keep in mind that signals could interfere with each other

How to Detect Listening Devices on Cellphones

  • Turn off your phone
  • Let the battery cool
  • Check the temperature of your battery every hour
  • If the battery stays warm whenever it should be cool then it could be that your phone is tapped
  • Listen for abnormal clicking and beeping noises
  • Pay attention to the display on your phone whenever you turn it on or off and check for flashes and glitches

How to Block Out Listening Devices

  • Check your WiFi for connections that are dubious. Forcibly disconnect them all
  • Play high pitch noises from apps like Sound Grenade
  • If you have budget, you could get an audio jammer

What Does a Listening Bug Look Like?

  • Similar to a small round watch battery which is about 0.5 to 1cm
  • Looks like a small micro chip
  • Miniture microphone
  • Small and round black plate with hole in the center
  • Rectangular black block which looks like a Canon camera battery
  • Small coin with a narrow cylindrical pillar on one side

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