Left Handed Gaming Mouse

If you are an avid gamer and you want to make an easy change that can make a major difference in your performance when you are playing a game, the best thing you can do is to get a gaming mouse. Replacing your regular mouse with a gaming mouse will allow you to improve your responsiveness and will give you more versatility. A gaming mouse offers additional buttons and many of the gaming mouse that are available in the market can be programmed and customized. This allows you to be faster and to get ahead of your opponents. With the help of programmable buttons, repetitive tasks can be completed easier.

If you are left-handed, you may think that the options available are somehow limited, but the good news is that over the last few years, new solutions have been launched and it is possible to find high quality mice suitable for left-handed people. Although when it comes to gaming mice, there are not as many solutions available, it is still possible to find devices that will help you to take your gaming skills to the next level. Left-handed people represent at least 10% of the world’s population and thankfully, manufacturers have taken this into consideration.

In fact, many companies have designed devices that can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people. That is why the majority of gaming mice that you can find today are not symmetrical and they are not exclusively designed for right-handed players. This is why there are not exclusive versions for left-handed people. However, if you are looking for devices that provide exclusive features that are ideal for left-handed players, you are in the right place. While there are not that many options to choose for, we will tell you about the best left-handed mice that you can get. Most of them are focused on gamers, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for other purposes.

Ambidextrous vs Left-Hand edition

As previously mentioned, there are mice that work for both left-handed and right-handed people. What this means is that their shape and curves are not just linear or symmetrical, which suits both right and left hand users. This ensures that left-handed players can also enjoy a comfortable experience. The downside is that the selection of options available is still limited for left-handers.

Razer NAGA MMO Gaming Mouse

The Razer Naga is the perfect solution for playing MMO games or any game that requires versatility. This mouse is specially designed for left-handed gamers and it also offers any features that make it the best solution to showcase your skills and make the most out of your favorite games. Razer is a well-known manufacturer and the Naga is a great example of the quality that it offers. MMO players have probably heard about this mouse as it is a top solution for popular games like War of Warcraft. The Razer NAGA is innovative and it offers advanced technology. It offers a comfortable experience, lightweight design and it is well-balanced. It features the 8200 dpi 4G laser sensor that offers precise tracking in game, as well as incredible precision. The Naga also has 12 programmable buttons so you can suit your gaming mouse to match your needs.

Razer DeathAdder Left-Hand Edition Gaming Mouse

Razeris focused on offering gaming mice that are suitable for left-handed people and the DeathAdder is a hugely popular solution. It features a DPI of 3500, which gives you more than enough in the majority of cases. Since it is the highest native DPI optical sensor that you can get on any gaming mouse at the moment, you can enjoy movements of up to 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration. Accuracy and precision and crucial when it comes to FPS games since every fault movement can have a dramatic impact on the final result of the match. With that said, the mouse comes with the world’s best optical sensor and it has the most powerful software to help you win the game. The DeathAdder is very comfortable during gameplay. The DeathAdder has the best optical sensor you can get and its powerful software will help you achieve victory.

SteelSeries Sensei

This powerful mouse is capable of offering wireless gaming with great performance and it also has a sleek design. Although it is not specifically designed for left-handed users, it is one of the preferred options in this area thanks to its amazing features. The SteelSeries Sensei is well known among professional gamers and many top players have chosen it for major competitions. The SteelSeries Sensei comes with 7 programmable buttons, as well as software that allows you to adjust your settings with amazing precision. You can save the profiles for different games or applications. The new design gives players the chance to get the best performance, no matter where they are. Thanks to the symmetrical design, the SteelSeries Sensei is a comfortable option for both left and right handed users. There are two practical buttons on each side, which can be reprogrammed to suit your personal preferences. In addition, it has 12000 DPI with 1ms of response time that can go up further to 16000 with the help of software configurator.

Hippus Handshoe Left Handed Ergonomic Mouse

This wireless mouse features a unique shape that lets your hand and wrist float effortlessly. The full hand and finger support allows you to avoid skin contact with the desktop. The HandShoe is designed in such a way that you won’t need to hover your fingers over the buttons. You just need a minor effort to switch while your thumb rests on the mouse’s support, thanks to this, there is no thumb action required, which could result in some harm. The HandShoe is extremely comfortable and it fits your hand perfectly as the name suggests. There are three sizes available: small, medium and large. You can also choose between a wireless and a wired version.

Elecom M-XT4DRVBK Left Handed Trackball Mouse

Elecom stands out as the only trackball that is specially designed for left-handed players. The scroll wheel works as a button and it is possible to tilt it to the left or right to scroll horizontally as well. You can also choose decide if you want a wireless or a wired version of the trackball. The wireless trackball requires less space and it is possible to place it far from the computer or media center. However, the wired trackball offers better, more reliable connection. With both versions, a USB port is required.

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