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Digital files have become valuable assets for companies as they keep crucial information relating to finances, strategies, staff and other essential aspects of any business. Since protecting digital information and ensuring that files can be accessed at any time is a priority for business and individual users, the popularity of services like file syncing, file sharing and online storage has increased. It is important to choose a reliable option that gives you flexibility to manage your data, no matter where you are and Nomadesk aims to offer that. This Belgian company is specialized in providing file sharing, syncing and online data storage solutions for large, medium and small businesses. Nomadesk is trusted by enterprise clients that require access to their information, no matter where they are. Here is more about what they offer.

Compatibility and Solutions

Nomadesk is supported by the extensive experience of a team that is focused on offering file sharing and synchronization services that meet the requirements of enterprise-level customers and service providers. Nomadesk enables users to access their company’s information securely through a cloud storage platform that supports file sharing features. The service works with Windows and Mac and there are also mobile applications (iOS, Android, Blueberry and Windows Phone) that ensure that you can have your files at your fingertips while you are on the go.

Every solution from Nomadesk is designed to provide the highest standard of security and to enhance productivity through cloud storage. Corporate clients can manage their data and promote collaborative work across their teams in a cost effective and consistent manner. Nomadesk’s services are aimed at enterprises, service providers, medium and small businesses and their plans are available through a network of authorized resellers and distributors. The starting point is Nomadesk Public Cloud, a comprehensive option that includes features like their proprietary Theftguard Remote Wipe technology, Unlimited Storage and Encrypted Local Drive, known as Vault.

Another option available from Nomadesk is HyperDrive, which offers Virtual Appliance, Active Directory Support and Encrypted Local Drive. The recommended annual subscription price is $54 per user, with the condition that at least 10 licenses are in use. On-Premises is the most complete solution and it features Theftguard Remote Wipe and Encrypted Local Drive, as well as server software, desktop clients and dedicated support and maintenance. Nomadesk On-Premises needs to be purchased as a monthly recurring license per each user. Before you buy a subscription for any of the services available, there is an option to try them for 14 days and even after the trial has expired, you have 30 additional days before data is removed from their servers. You can contact Nomadesk for a list of authorized distributors in your area.


Nomadesk can maintain the security and integrity of files in the cloud and it is also a valuable tool to improve the communication between teams allowing them to collaborate effectively in projects. It also offers powerful features such as remote wiping and location tracking that can protect information in the event of theft or loss. Since business users need to protect a large number of files, Unlimited Storage is crucial to ensure that all the company’s files remain secure and accessible, regardless of what may happen to a laptop or desktop computer. The unlimited option to backup, protect, sync and share data works based on a Fair Usage Policy that aims to avoid system abuse to guarantee the best experience for all users.

The Vault is the encrypted local drive where you can save any new or updated file to make sure that it is backed up automatically. All the files and folders stored in the Vault are secured with 256-bit encryption and while Nomadesk is not running, the vaults would not be visible to protect your files and folders from unauthorized access. In order to see the vault and get access to your data it, you will need to enter your password. The data is backed up to redundant servers in the cloud so you will be able to recover them immediately whenever needed.

An additional feature that can guarantee that your information is protected under any circumstance is the Theftguard Remote Wipe, which allows you to delete data remotely in case your device is lost or stolen. Using a unique number assigned to your device, you can wipe files and folders on your Nomadesk vaults to prevent that confidential details falls in the wrong hands. Furthermore, you can track the device with the help of Google Maps. If you are concerned about accidental loss of data, the fact that Nomadesk keeps a configurable number of daily backups will give you peace of mind. You can restore previous versions of your files using the web portal, even if you have deleted them by mistake. The Online Trashcan enables you to recover files that have been deleted from the shared local drive.

Nomadesk makes sharing large files simple with FileLink, which gives you the possibility of creating a short URL that provides access to a specific file. The link can be sent via email and the recipient simply needs to click on it  to download the data from your Vault in the Nomadesk network. You can also share the link through Facebook or Twitter, which is practical if you are running marketing campaigns or need to provide public access to some business information. If you want to keep the data private, you can use passwords to protect the links and ensure that only authorized users can access the information. If you need to provide access to an entire folder, you can rely on FolderLink, which also enables you to create a URL that can be easily shared.

Nomadesk can help you to reduce travel costs by allowing teams to work in the same project even if they are in different locations. It is possible to share a Vault to give everyone access to the same files and folders and you can also configure access, permission and security according to your preferences. The Syncing capabilities of Nomadesk let you manage your data on the go. Thanks to the DeltaSync technology the process is more efficient because it focuses on updating the parts that have been modified on a file. Once you drag and drop files and folders to your Nomadesk Vault, they will be synced. The online Vault is scanned when you launch Nomadesk and all the files that have been updated or added are automatically synced.

Support is an essential aspect of any service and Nomadesk offers detailed information about their solutions through their website’s FAQ and knowledgebase. There is also a section where developers can find useful tools and if you require additional assistance, you can contact them by phone, web form or live chat.


Nomadesk enables business users to protect their sensitive data and to enhance productivity, thanks to a complete solution that combines cloud storage, sharing an syncing capabilities. With Nomadesk, companies can safeguard important files and folders and ensure the smooth running of their organization, even if it is not possible to access the computers that store their information. By allowing teams to access the same files no matter where they are, Nomadesk also helps businesses to reduce costs. If you are looking for a reliable option to protect your company’s data, Nomadesk is a great choice.

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