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Online PDF Editor Top List: Choose the Right One for You

Editing PDF is essential for all businesses. You not only edit documents to eliminate errors but also, to add onto other essential details such as signatures, logo, and the colors of your business. 

After the invention of the PDF format in the early 90s, people could now send documents from one computer to the other. However, the challenge of not being able to edit these documents arose. This led to the need for online PDF editing tools. In this article, we review the top list of online PDF editors in the market.

Cocodoc PDF editor

This online PDF editing tool is popular for its so many amazing features that are available at an affordable price.

You can easily make your documents legally binding by signing them using this free PDF editing tool. In the course of doing business, you will have to sign so many documents for example, if you want to circulate a memo to your employees or clients, having it signed is more professional and makes it official. This editing tool will help you do this with ease. 

The Cocodoc PDF editor allows you to protect any document that is not meant for the public eye from landing in the hands of unauthorized persons. Privacy in carrying out business is very important as it helps improve the confidence of your clients in your business as well as avoid many costs and negative implications that a lack of privacy thereof would cost your business, such as lawsuits.

To Edit PDF free on CocoDoc does not require superior technical skills so that you can design stellar PDF documents. There are a lot of PDF templates that allow you to use and customize them to your requirements. This helps you end up with a smooth, well-designed PDF even if you have little to no technical knowledge of designing.

Sejda PDF Editor

Do you know what we love the most about Sejda PDF editors? This editor allows you to edit a pre-existing PDF document without adding a watermark. Also, let’s say you are working with limited storage space, this online editor is perfect as you can run it on your browser without having to download any program on your PC. If you prefer using it on your desktop, you can also get a desktop version of this editor. 

A key difference between the online and the desktop version of this editor that you should take note of is, you cannot add PDFs by URLs using the desktop version, while with the online version, you can do so from a storage cloud such as google drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. Also, the desktop edition has more fonts to choose from than the online version. 

Small PDF

This is a cloud-based handy PDF editor that is free. This PDF editor gives the user an interface that is simple to use and it allows for the addition of image as well as text to their PDF files. This platform offers e signing that is signing, the ability to add comments as well as highlighting information that is already in existence in the PDF. The small PDF also contains other modification tools like editor function, conversion of PDFs into other formats that are easy to edit such as word or PowerPoint files. Small pdf is also a platform that is cloud-based which is very advantageous because it is accessible via accessing their website and dragging it as a pdf into your given browser.

PDF – Xchange Editor 

This is an editing program for PDF that is free designed for computers that use windows and was developed by the talented tracker software. Its interface is a bit more complex in comparison with the one for Small PDF. Regardless it provides easy access to more features that are helpful for example the stamp option enabling you to mark any document approved or expired. It is also most preferred because it provides OCR otherwise known as Optical Character Recognition which allows one to edit their PDF document even if it is a photocopy.


This is a free PDF editor and it is mostly used in editing PDF files that are smaller in size. This PDF editor allows you to edit either through a given desktop application or edit online. The desktop application is better as it supports the editing of PDF content that is preexisting and also allows one to be able to scan hard copy paper documents. However, it is good to note that you have to pay for the desktop application but the online version is free. This PDF  has plenty of editing options like making freehand notes, adding URLs that are clickable to your desired documents. It is of importance however to note that documents larger than 10 MB cannot be uploaded on PDFescape.

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