Apple Watch to arrive at T-Mobile and Sprint on September 25th

The Apple Watch has had its share of publicity with Best Buy stores, but carriers haven’t said too much about when they will start selling the device. New information from T-Mobile and Sprint confirms that carriers will soon start carrying the device. T-Mobile CEO John Legere tweeted on September 9th that “Yes! We’ll have #AppleWatch @tmobile. Who wants one? #appleevent,” confirming that T-Mobile indeed will carry the smartwatch in its stock.

Apple Watch T-Mobile announcement John Legere Twitter

Sprint has also confirmed that it, too, will sell the Apple Watch on the same day as T-Mobile, with the carrier promoting the Apple Watch on its iPhone 6s pre-order page, with the words “Available Sept. 25” in the promo banner.

Apple Watch Sprint iPhone 6s pre-order announcement

The Apple Watch is Apple’s own take on smartwatches, a market that Apple has followed rather than led over the last two years since Samsung inaugurated the current smartwatch era with its Galaxy Gear. Apple has three different models of the Apple Watch: the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition. The Sport model is the most inexpensive, starting at $349 for a Bluetooth-only smartwatch whose wristband is sweat-resistant but looks rather cheap for a $400 watch. The intermediate model, allows you to use metal and other premium material wristbands – but the premium material bands make the Apple Watch intermediate model worth $500 or more. The Apple Watch Edition comes in at the minimum price of $10,000 but provides a 24K gold smartwatch (still Bluetooth-only, mind you) that lets you “bling” out your wrist to be part of the in-crowd.

The Apple Watch is said to provide only 5 hours of on-screen time (SOT) on a single charge, with approximately 18 hours of battery life total before juicing up again. The Apple Watch is said to have cost just a mere $84 to make, but be sure to check out some problems you may experience with it before trotting out to pick one up.


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