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The internet has transformed the way we transact our business. Nowadays, many people begin and terminate their business transactions online. Hence, having an online presence is not an option but a necessity for any business that intends to succeed. The online space has become too competitive with every entrepreneur launching their website to tap on the growing online market. One of the most significant challenges of small businesses is getting discovered online. If you are operating a small business and you are wondering about how you can get people to find your business, you are in the right place. This article will share five best apps that can help people find your small business.

Before we get started, we’d like to emphasize the importance of Google reviews for your business. Google review can help not only to improve your SEO but also to help increase sales because good customer reviews increase trust in your business. Here’s an excellent full article on how to ask for Google reviews.

1. Link juice

Link juice is a remarkable app that helps you to understand the performance of your online business. The app will locate and diagnose your best-performing best-performing pages. The data can help you to know why the pages are performing excellently while other pages on your online business website flop. That way, you can easily duplicate your successful practices and eliminate those that are not working for your site.

2. Google analytics

Google analytics is an asset for any online business that wants to grow. The tool by Google provides you with a comprehensive analysis of the performance of your website. The data includes the traffic the site gets on a daily basis. You can get to know where your traffic originates, the demography of your visitors, as well as the days that you attract more traffic. You also get to understand how each page on your website performs as regards visitor and engagement to the page. Another critical aspect of Google analytics is knowing your bounce rate. A bounce rate is crucial as you can know whether the visitors find your content relevant and helpful or not. Google analytics will also help you to discover the links on your website. As you know, Google uses links as a ranking factor. If you are getting links from spammy sites, it could affect your ranking.

3. Raven tools

Raven tools is a comprehensive SEO tool that’s a perfect alternative to Google analytics. It covers a whole range of SEO indicators including 17 different metrics that help you to find and fix problems, keyword and competitor research, backlink analysis and link spy, as well as beauty reports. They have free trial, so you can test their service to find out whether it’s what you’ve been missing in your business.

4. Subscribers

Subscribers is an excellent push notification app that helps bring people to your websites. After you subscribe to the service, you can send short messages about your offerings and any new content you publish on your website. Subscribers is a perfect way to increase your traffic because when a new visitor lands on your website, the app asks them whether they’d like to receive notifications from your business. If they accept, they get subscribed to the messages and henceforth you can push the messages to them. The goodness about subscribers is that when you send a single message, it reaches all your subscribers and so it has the potential to not only grow your traffic but also increases engagement.

5. ThriveHive

Every small business endeavors to capture the local market. That’s precisely what ThriveHive helps small businesses to achieve. The app is designed to help your business by providing you with superior personalized marketing plans with action-oriented steps that you can execute over time. The hallmark of the ThriveHive is a search engine optimized and mobile-friendly website that has a blog. The package comes with a domain name, web hosting, as well as email and social media marketing.

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