Best Free GIMP Plugins

Linux users are familiar with GIMP, an amazing, open source image editing application that has become one of the best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. Although GIMP is different in terms of appearance and it doesn’t offer the exact same functionality as Photoshop, it is a great option for Linux and it is pre-installed on many distributions. GIMP also gives you flexibility to extend its features with the help of practical plugins and scripts. In general, GIMP plugins are written in Python or as Script-Fu extensions and some of them can be installed from repositories. Others need to be compiled, but in the majority of cases, they are easy to install. All you need to do is to copy the script file (.scm file) or the plugin (with .py extension) into your /home/$USERNAME/.gimp/scripts folder or /home/$USERNAME/.gimp/plug-ins, depending on the case and then you can restart GIMP. It is important to keep in mind that you will have to install Python support for GIMP in order to use plugins based on Python. You can find the gimp-python package in your Linux distro’s repository. Although we will focus on GIMP for Linux, these plugins can also be used on Windows. In this list, you will find the best options to make your experience with GIMP even better.

G’MIC – GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing

This is one of the most popular GIMP plugins available and it is easy to understand why. G’MIC is an image processing framework with hundreds of presets, filters and effects that can be applied to your images. It is possible to access them in the Filters menu. G’MIC can be tested before installation thanks to the fully functional web-based version.

Layer via Copy/Cut

If you need to work with layers on a regular basis, Layer via Copy/Cut is a plugin that you need to consider. It allows you to copy, move and cut selected areas from one layer or a group of layers. Then you can create new layers from the areas selected. After the plugin has been installed, you can find it in the Layers menu.


This plugin adds multiple effects and it supports a wide variety of editing options. Beautify has a user-friendly interface and it transforms GIMP into a photo retouching solution that can be used to adjust and improve your photos. You can apply filters, correct color and more.

Contrast Fix

Light is crucial when it comes to photographs and with Contrast Fix, you will be able to improve your images. This GIMP plugin will help you to fix photos that are too bright or too dark. You can move around the settings to get the best result and it is possible to use the plugin more than once on the same photo.

BIMP – Batch Image Manipulation Plugin

Simplicity and convenience are two of the reasons why BIMP is another fantastic plugin fro GIMP. With BIMP, you will be able to save time while editing multiple images simultaneously. It is possible to resize, crop, rename, rotate and add watermarks to any number of images. You can see preview the changes in the plugin dialog.

Stitch Panorama

With Stitch Panorama, you can make panoramic images directly in GIMP. This convenient plugin allows you to stitch multiple images together and it can blend, distort matching and correct color when needed.


If your photos are blurry and lack focus, there is no need to worry. You can fix them with the help of Refocus. This plugin uses a technology called FIR Wiener filtering, which can improve your photos. It is also possible to adjust the parameters in the plugin dialog so that you can preview the final image.

Liquid Rescale

With this plugin, you will be able to resize any image without distortion and it also allows you to remove specific parts of the image. Thanks to the preview window within the plugin dialog, you can adjust the parameters interactively. Once it is installed successfully, you will be able to find Liquid Rescale in the Layers Menu.


Resynthesizer is an outstanding plugin that has become a must-have for GIMP users. It allows you to remove objects from images, repeat textures for enhanced tiling, fix images, transfer textures between images and more. If you are familiar with Content Aware Fill in Photoshop, you will find that Resynthesizer is a great alternative that can achieve the same purpose.

Wavelet Denoise

With Wavelet Denoise, you will be able to reduce noise in your photos that is caused by wrong camera settings or low light. It is possible to adjust the parameters and preview the changes in the plugin dialog.

Save for Web

Web designers, blogger and visual artists who focus on working on the web, need to check Save for Web, a practical solution that allows you to scale, smooth, crop and compress images before uploading them to your website. It is a convenient solution that you can find in GIMP’s File menu.


Content creators often face the risk of someone else trying to steal their images, but you can add some level of protection for your digital art with the help of a watermark. As the name suggests, Watermark is a plugin that focuses on letting you add watermark text to your images. It supports basic settings such as size, fonts and position of the watermark.

FX Foundry

FX Foundry is an outstanding collection of scripts and events to modify your images. Once it is installed, it creates its own menu in GIMP and you can access all the features from there. Each effect comes with its own dialog and you can adjust the settings before the images are modified.


This fantastic plugin is ideal for professional photographers as it enables RAW images editing in GIMP. It can be used to control exposure, color balance and temperature. In addition, you can correct the image in many ways. UFRaw also has a batch workflow mode that allows you to edit many photos at the same time.

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