Best iPhone Font Apps

The fonts used by the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch include Avenir, Lucida Grande and Myriad Pro and they can be found on the website and the device itself, as well as in the official Apple support documentation. Myriad Pro is usually the choice for headlines and the text is written using Lucida Sans or Lucida Grande. Avenir is the option selected for iPhone maps and for Siri. If you are a developer and wish to create an app for iOS, one of the aspects that you need to take into consideration is the font that you will use.

Fonts are crucial when it comes to creating the image that you want for your app so it is important that you choose the right option. In order to help you build the message that you want potential customers to get about your app, you need to start by selecting a font that suits your product. If you are not a developer, but want to personalize your messages, you can also benefit from a font app for your iPhone. Below you will find the best options to find a font that is perfect for your communications needs.

Font Maker

This app was developed by Ricardo Alvarado and it is a cool solution to make your messages stand out. With Font Maker, you can create stylish fonts that will make your messages unique. The custom fonts can be used to compose messages that can be sent by email, texts or copied and pasted in other apps. Once you start typing a message, you will see different options to customize the letters. Your creations can also be shared with your friends and family through Facebook and with your followers on Twitter. The app is designed to work seamlessly on iPhone, iPad and iPod.


With Fonts, you can make your communications more stylish and fun. This app created by Lonely Pole lets you access an array of unique and stunning fonts, right from your keyboard. Once you have installed the app, you will be able to type messages using different fonts. It can be used on any messaging app and you can post messages on popular social networks. Fonts allows you to customize the contact names on your phone book and much more. You will easily find the list of fonts available on your Apple device and each of them has normal, bold and oblique form. You can also modify the size and view Unicode characters.


Textizer by Alejandro Portela is another practical free app for anyone looking for new fonts. The app gives you access to an impressive selection of iOS fonts that can be used with all apps. If you are bored with the default fonts, you can find an option that suits your style and will be able to personalize the appearance of the messages sent to your contacts. The app can also turn words and names into symbols that can be shared via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email and more. It features multiple keyboards and a colorful interface.

Cool Fonts

Alejandro Portela has created another popular solution for anyone who wants to personalize their messages or documents using special fonts. Cool Fonts gives you access to several fonts and themes to customize your experience with your Apple device. It features fantastic font options that can be used on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, iMessage, Email and many other applications. It supports integration with many other apps and it allows you to make your communications stand out.


Pramati Technologies brings us a social network aimed at Typography fans who wish to share photos. The app focuses on supporting Typography related features and it allows the community to find inspiration in images of fonts captured by others using their phone. Once you find a typeface, you can upload the photo, tag it and Fontli will give you additional information about the font, include designer/foundry and other images tagged with it. If you are looking for ideas for fonts, this is where you can find them. Fontli is simple, convenient and free.

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