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En İyi WiFi Akıllı Yavaş Tencere ve Düdüklü Tencere

Spending time in the kitchen could be a stress reliever. Not only that, the food that you would create and cook would bring your friends and family closer. Preparing meals, as many would agree expresses the love you have for family and friends. However and unfortunately, we cannot always prepare and cook all the time due to real-life responsibilities and work. Childcare, laundry, work, preparing meals, etc. could be difficult to juggle. This is when life gets in the way and when this happens, cooking and spending time in the kitchen may seem to be close to impossible. In fact, there are times when we turn into food delivery. However, food delivery usually is not healthy and could get expensive.

The good news is, there are innovations made with kitchen tools and equipment which could help us prepare meals for our loved ones without having to worry about time.

Two types of cookers which could help you in the kitchen are slow cookers and pressure cookers. Though these two cookers have many differences between them, they offer the same benefit of you having to do little preparation work. What is more incredible about these cookers is that they are now developed into smart technology.

With smart technology incorporated into slow cookers and pressure cookers, you could be assured that it is safe and you could leave them running while doing other errands. You could even just add all the ingredients in it, press some buttons and leave it to cook your meal.

In this article, we shall provide you a list of best WiFi smart slow cookers and pressure cookers.

Pressure Cooker vs Slow Cooker

Many would interchangeably use pressure cooker with slow cooker and vice-versa. However, this should not be the case as there is a huge difference with the process of slow cooking and pressure cooking.

A slow cooker or crock pot is designed for you to use in cooking slow such as cooking soup, roasting any meat, etc. all day. This means, you would put your meal ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning, leave it and go back after work to a full cooked meal.

Slow cookers come with warm setting to keep your food warm even after your food has been cooked. Some slow cookers even have timers which you could set which after some time the setting would switch to warm mode.

Pressure cooker on the other hand provides more speed in cooking your food. It cooks faster but it dries out. This mean, after a short time, you could eat your food safely. Though this is the case, your food would be crispier with high pressure. Moisture would not escape meat but soups will not boil and casseroles will not congeal. This is a total opposite of a slow cooker.

Best WiFi Smart Slow Cooker & Pressure Cooker

Chef iQ

Heavy-duty slow cooker, the Chef iQ is designed for everyday use. It is huge with its measurements of 13 inches diameter and 13 inches in height. It comes in a simple and elegant look of black aluminum which could be perfect in any kitchen. It is easy to clean and at the same time easy to use.

This slow cooker could handle huge capacity which could feed the entire family and could even have leftovers for the next day. As mentioned earlier, this cooker is easy to use as it comes with a large handle which makes it easy to open and close with its twist on and off lid. It also comes with pressure release valve which has a twist and button release.

The Chef iQ has an easy to read LCD where you could find all the information that you would need. It provides visual instructions including recipes. Its buttons are easy to touch and could even operate even if you press them with wet or greasy fingers.

With a streaming rack and basket, you could cook any meal you would like to serve. In fact, you would enjoy this slow cooker as not only it works as a slow cooker, it could also work as a pressure cooker.

Connectivity and Bonus Features

CHEF iQ is highly impressive as it could be connected to your home’s WiFi. It has the ability to communicate with your phone and if you wish you could also use Bluetooth with it as long as you are in the same room as your cooker. This means, if you will be cooking from work, you would need to connect your cooker to your WiFi. This cooker is compatible with both Apple Store and Google Play.

Through the app, you would conveniently be able to check on your cooker’s status remotely. You could also change it settings remotes. There are about 100 recipes and are regularly updated.

Even if you are not planning to use the smart features of this cooker, it is highly recommended to install its app as there are periodic firmware updates where you could find improvements.

Instant Pot Smart WiFi

The Instant Pot Smart WiFi 6-Quart Pressure Cooker is designed for most users. It is iconic and works similarly to CHEF iQ. It is easy to use and it comes with twist-on lid. It has a six quart capacity which could handle large meals. Though the dimensions are similarly the same as CHEF iQ, it is skinner and taller.

Its display is white on blue and it is easy to read with its large numbers and function icons. Its buttons need a little bit of pressure and though this is the case, it could still operate even when you have dirty hands.

The inside comes with a removable stainless steel pot and it has a lip which could help you prevent spilling inside the cooker. It is easy to use, remove and clean.

Connectivity and Bonus Features

This cooker comes with WiFi connection feature which allows you to control it remotely. You could monitor and change its settings from work or wherever you are. It also have Bluetooth as well.

This instant pot comes with safety features such as dual pressure-relief valves and it has a built-in detector which would inform you if your food its burning. There is an alarm and it would automatically shut off your cooker.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information about WiFi smart slow cooker and pressure cooker.

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