Edit tweets quickly with Twitterrific

Twitterrific is a must-have app for iOS users who love Twitter. It will help you to manage every aspect of your activity on Twitter and it will enhanced your experience in this popular social media platform. Twitterific is also the best solution for tackling mistakes made on existing tweets. While you could delete the tweet, fix the errors and post it again, Twitterific saves you the hassle by allowing you to edit tweets with just a few taps. Twitterrific does essentially the same that you would do to correct a mistake on a tweet. It copies it, removes the mistake and posts it again, but it does everything in the background so you won’t need to complete these steps manually.

While here we will focus on the editing functionality that Twiterrific offers, the app offers many other great options that are worth mentioning. With this app created by The Iconfactory, you can browse twitter without promoted tweets and if there are words, hashtags, people or phrases that you don’t want to see in your Timeline, you can use Muffles to hide tweets with that content. Twitterific also allows you to customize the size of your avatar, image thumbnails, fonts and more using the theme panel. You can respond to tweets, check conversation threads and change accounts without hassle. It even offers a great selection of media including animated GIFs for Twitter. Twitterrific makes things simple for Twitter users. Here is how you can edit your tweets within seconds using this practical app.

  1. Select the tweet that you want to edit. Once you tap on it, you will see a list of options.
  2. Tap the last option, which is the overflow menu.
  3. In the popup menu, select Delete and Edit Tweet.
  4. Make the necessary changes on the tweet and then tap Tweet or Reply once you have finished editing the tweet.

It is important to keep in mind that what the app is doing is reposting the tweet, so it won’t appear in the same position in your timeline as it previously was. If anyone has already replied to the original tweet or has mark it as favorite, this will disappear. Twitterific allows you to post the tweet again, but it won’t replace the original one. The first tweet will be deleted and a new one will be posted with the changes you made. While it is not a perfect solution, Twitterific is still the best solution to correct mistakes in Twitter. It is easy to use and its functionality goes beyond editing. It is a comprehensive Twitter client that can help your Twitter experience on your iPhone or iPad. It is available for free.

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