Best Journaling Apps

Though writing journals may seem to be an activity of the past, it still does exist today and just as it may, you might not know that you are one of those who keeps a journal. Since writing journals does not only involve writing your thoughts, it also involves recording the things that has happened during your day and with that said, you might not know you are already writing your own journal.

Writing journals could in fact, boost your productivity and health. It could also enhance your creativity, improve your work performance and even increase the level of your happiness. It is said that if you’ve made writing a habit, it will definitely improve other areas of your life as it gives you the habit of being self-aware of who you are.

Though there are lots of benefits in keeping and writing a journal, it is not easy to do and to maintain. It would need a lot of dedication and you would have the willingness to open up as you will need to tell and write what has happened and what you have done for the day. Fortunately, with the rise of technology, writing journals are now made easier through the use of apps. Hence, we have decided to write a feature of the best Journaling apps.

In finding the best journaling apps, we have considered the following features:

  1. Easy to enter and add journal entries.
  2. Comes with pleasant and easy to use interface.
  3. Offers automatic reminders
  4. Allows its users to export their entries to other programs such as PDF and RTF.
  5. Could sync your journal up to date to all of your devices.
  6. Has password protection
  7. Ability to add photos
  8. Automatically adds location and weather.

Best Journaling Apps:

1. Day One

Day one is a well-known journaling app and it is perfect for writing quick journal entries. It comes with simple interface and it is a highly recommended journaling app. It is in fact selected as the best journaling app for iPhone, iPad and Mac by Sweet Setup. It also has been Apple’s Editors’ Choice award and Lifehacker’s best journaling app for iPhone.

Day One comes with a huge number of amazing and useful features. It is easy to use and to create a journal entry, all you have to do is click on the Mac on the menu bar, choose use templates and it will automatically add your location, weather, motion activity, provides you play music option

and will count your steps. In addition to that, it also allows you to add tags to your entries with hashtags, add pictures, photos and videos. It also protects your journal entries through a password.

The best feature that this app has and which you will definitely appreciate is it lets its users customize multiple reminders. It could also keep track of your activities for the day.

Day One is offered for free but is also offered for paid subscription with a price of $34.99/year and $49.99 for Mac.

2. Diarium

Diarium is the best journaling apps for dictating journal entries. It is perfect to be used with Windows or Android OS. This app is known to be one of the highest rated journaling apps by Windows 10 and App Store. It could support different multiple media types and could even speak your thoughts and the app will recognize your voice. In addition to that, you could also attach audio files, draw and add other types of files to your journal entries. If you wish, you could also add multiple photos to your entry.

Darium could also sync your journals to your Windows and Android devices and export them into HTML, RTF, DOCX and TXT formats.

Diarium is offered for free for Android users, $2.99 for Android premium features and $19.99 for Windows 10.

3. Glimpses

Glimpses is the best app for free for Windows users. It lets you write your journals in Markdown and lets you export it to PDF. It also allows you to drag and drop pictures or photos to your entries. In addition to that, you could also protect your privacy through the use of a password. It also allows you to place tags and even view your entries in a timeline or calendar view. You could even sync your entries to your Windows devices and Dropbox. This app also offers other features such as: dark mode, distraction –free writing mode and allows you to even share your thoughts to your friends and family.

4. Journey

This app is well-known for having the ability to sync your journal entries to any type of platform. It could sync them to your Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Web and Chrome OS devices. It also supports multiple photos, images, audio and videos. It allows its users to export their journal entries to multiple formats and it automatically shows your location and the weather.

If you are huge and into privacy and security, you will not have to worry as this app comes with password protection. Aside from that, Journey lets you change your interface to dark mode.

Journey is offered for free on Web, iOS and Android and $16.99 for Mac and $17.99 for Windows and $4.99 for premium mobile features.

5. Penzu

Penzu comes with an interface which looks like a blog with high security levels. It comes with complete text formatting toolbar and it allows its users to customize email reminders to help you remember to write your journal entries.

Penzu also comes with military grade encryption, offers features such as multiple reminders and allows its users to customize their journal entries through the use of backgrounds, fonts and covers.

Penzu is offered for free and $19.99 for premium version.

6. is the best journaling app for email. It sends reminders to your email and will ask you how was your day. All you have to do is to reply to the email and the app will record it as your journal entry in a private web page. In addition to that, you could add hashtags, links, photos and even music. You could even view your preview your previous entries. is offered for free, $3/month for additional features like daily reminders, adding photos and editing your journal.

7. Momento

Momento is perfect for writing journals through the use of your social media feeds. It actually brings all of your interactions and shared posts all into one place. However, aside from that, this app lets you group your entries into moments or events like reunions, gatherings, trips and the like. In addition to that, it also allows you to add preset reminders.

Momento is offered for free for 3 social feeds and $3.99 for premium features.

8. Grid Diary

Grid Diary is a templated journal. It is very similar to keeping and writing a diary. All you have to do is to fill out a form and answer questions. These questions will help you reflect on what happened to your day. Once done, the app will collate it and make it into a journal.

9. Five Minute Journal

Just like what its name indicates, Five Minute Journal lets your write effortlessly what happened to your day. It lets you only write three amazing things that has happened to you.

This app is offered for $4.99.

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