Google Haritalar Uydu Görüntülerini Ne Sıklıkta Günceller?

When Google Maps first launched, everyone’s amazed of how we are able to see the world in a different perspective. Through this technology, we are able to see virtual satellite view and bird’s eye view of every location of the earth.

The question now is how often do the satellite images get updated. In fact, there are some locations which have outdated images or details seem to be inaccurate. In this article, we shall provide you useful information about this.

How Often Does Google Maps Update Satellite Images?

Many users of Google Maps and Google Earth often wonder how updated the site is specifically its satellite images. The good news about this is its database updates regularly – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand how confusing this could be as many users know that there are some location images that are outdated. The reason behind this is because there is a delay of months and most often than not, years of time before satellite images could reflect exactly what the location looks like.

Google Maps satellite images updates more frequently in higher populated areas compared to lesser populated areas. For example, bigger cities such as Seattle, Philadelphia, Tampa and Boston will have updates weekly while rural areas could be updated only once every three years.

Unfortunately, there is no specific schedule nor we are able to fully predict as to when the satellite view would be updated. Though this is the case, there are some different methods as to how you would know when a certain location has been updated.

Determining When a Google Map “Satellite Image Was Taken

For you to be able to know the approximate time as to when the current satellite image you are viewing on Google Earth, you would need to go to Google Earth and wait for it to load. On the world view, zoom in and type the location you would wish to see on the search bar. Zoom close and you would find the imagery date which would appear on the bottom toolbar. You would find this on the left side near the Google logo.

Keep in mind, that the method provided above only works on Google Earth. If you are using Google Maps Satellite, this would not work as they have different interface. Though this is the case, for you to see the details on Google Maps Satellite, all you need to do is to zoom in on the location you are trying to view and you would find the date.

Get Notified When A Google Map Satellite Image Gets Updated

Back in the days, users are able to get notified on their emails whenever there was an update through the Follow Your World tool. This tool automatically alerts every time Google updates a specific location.

Unfortunately, in September 2019, Google Earth that this tool would no longer be available. Moreover, the sad thing about it is that there has not been anything that has replaced the tool.

Determining When A Google Map Street View Image Was Taken

Street View is another feature of Google Maps which allows you to view the streets. Updates of this view is done regularly, but, unfortunately, not on a consistent basis. This means, there is a bit of 1 to 3 years delay.

If you wish to know when updates are made, all you need to do is to go to Google Maps. Zoom in on the location you wish to view. Go to the street view and you would see on the bottom right corner of the screen the when the image was updated. Keep in mind that this must be done on desktop computer or laptop.

When Will Google Maps “Street View” Update?

The great thing about the Street view is that you would have a better idea as to when Google would be collecting street view next. In fact, this could be seen on Google Street View Homepage.

  • Scroll beneath the display of rotating images
  • Go to Where Google is collecting Street View next
  • You would see where the Street view car or trekker will be
  • Select the country you would wish to see and you would also find the locations


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information about how often does Google Maps update satellite images.

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