How to choose the perfect gaming chair on the Black Friday 2018?

If you are looking for comfort while gaming or working on the computer than it is time to think about the proper chair. Sitting is not a natural body posture of the human. So, long lasting hours of sitting can become a cause of the different diseases and aches which will increase during the time.

The properly organized workplace can reduce the influence of the prolonged sitting and ease the hours spending on the computer.

The Black Friday 2018 is near at hand, and several computer brands began to lower the price on some gaming equipment such as the gaming chairs. So, if you are keen to make your working place comfortable here are several tips on how to get the perfect gaming chair.


Choose the proper chair type.


There are several types of gaming chairs that differ from each other due to their functions. So, before the buying one, you should define of what chair type you are in need.

The types are;

PC gaming chair. The look of this chair is like the typical office stool with the wheels on the five-legged spider, straight back, and adjustable height. But the gaming chair has different ergonomics for it was made to satisfy the gamer’s needs. So, besides the traditional elements, it also has several body supporting features like lumbar and neck pads and adjustable armrests.

This type of the gaming chair can easily replace a traditional office stool and you can both working on the computer and playing the PC games using this chair.

Rocker gaming chair. This chair type is for those who prefer the console gaming. It has a shape of the L letter and places straight on the floor. Some models can have a kind of pedestal or wheeled spider; nonetheless, they are not for computer desks. Most rocker gaming chairs have not only ergonomic design with body supporting pads but also several additional features, like inbuilt speakers, wireless protocol connectivity, hot buttons, and other functions.

The chair can connect with your console and make a gaming experience more bright and breathtaking.

Racer gaming chairs. Although this type of gaming chairs have many in common with office stool, there are quite some differences that define the chair as the perfect one for racing simulators. The first and essential difference is the seat that was designed as the seat of the racing car. So, the chair has a very specific tilt angle to make the car driving experience more natural.

Some racer chairs have additional features, like a steering wheel, pedals, and hot buttons. They can also connect the console and the PC due to the wireless protocol.

These are the basic gaming chairs. The full descriptions of them you can find on the supergamereviews.com web-page and in this article, we will look at some other relevant parameters.


Base material

The gaming chair is a chair where you are supposed to spend long hours while gaming or working. So, its base should be made of the durable and reliable material to bear all the loadings. The weaker the base material is, the less loading it can carry and the lower price it has.

If you are on the budget try to choose the base of the durable plastic with quite a number of the stiffeners. In this case, you can be sure that your chair is strong enough to carry any burden.


Seat material


The material of the gaming chair is a feature the can influence the price significantly. There are two types of seat materials for the gaming chairs. They are leather-style material and fabric.

The fabric is supposed to be cheaper than the leather-style but it also the weaker one. It has several disadvantages, for example, it is hard to maintain, for it soaks up all the liquids and dirt; although it performs a very big color range, it is still not so durable as the leather-style material of the seat.

The leather-style material of the seat is more durable than its fabric analog. There are different compositions of the leather among which you can find an affordable one.


Supporting pads

If the chair has no supporting pads, it is not a gaming chair. The pads are the essence of the chair ergonomics. They support the spine and neck during long hours of gaming and decrease the body loading.


All the pads are adjustable, and you can control their position over your lumbar and neck area. The spine stays straight and strong. So, remember, if you want more comfort than the chair you will buy should have both lumbar and neck pads.




A good gaming chair is adjustable. You can control everything in it beginning with seat height and finishing wit armrests tilt angle. The gaming chair was designed to hold the most comfortable position of the gamer, so, it allows to control not only the height as most office chairs allow but also the tilt angle of each element, such as the seat, the back, the armrests. You can also control the armrests height and the corner of the armrests heads.

Adjustability described above is for the pricey gaming chairs. Cheaper ones have fewer things to adjust but make sure that your affordable chair can be adjusted by the angle of the back, the height of the seat, and height of the armrests.

These were the most important features of the gaming chair. There are a lot of different models adjusted for different needs but knowing the essential parameters of the best gaming chair; you can purchase the one that fills comfort your life.


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