How to Save Your Progress in Elden Ring

Are you a fan of the Elden Ring game and you have just started your journey exploring Elden Ring world? You came to the right place. In this article we shall provide you a guide on how to save your progress in Elden Ring.

You are probably progressing through your game and have defeated enemies, you have collected useful items and weapons and have gotten some runes. You have great progress through the game already and it would be a shame to end the game. However, there are times when a break from the game is needed. If this is your situation, do not worry as saving your game in Elden Ring is pretty simple and straightforward.

All you need to do is to rest at a Site of Grace which are golden stakes of light. It is actually a checkpoint where you could rest, increase your health and flasks and save your game. If you need a pause from your game, then, just go to a Site of Grace and you could rest with your items and runes. Do not worry, your progress would still be intact.

How to Save Your Progress in Elden Ring

Saving at Sites of Grace

Save Progress in Elden Ring

For you to be able to save your progress in Elden Ring game, you would need to go to the Sites of Grace. The Site of Grace is where you would find glowing golden trees. They are checkpoints which allows you to upgrade your weapons, level up, rest, increase your health and most importantly, it is where you could save your game.

To find this place, you would find it marked on your map. When you go to the Site of Grace, the game’s progress would automatically be saved. This means, if you have accomplished something, it is best to go to this place to ensure that your progress has been saved.

Tips for Saving Your Progress in Elden Ring

  • Rest at Site of Grace before you quit your game. This would save your game and when you start again, you would be where you were before you have closed the game.
  • Activate as many Sites of Grace as possible. This would help you save more points and have more options to save your game.
  • Do not rely on the auto-save feature. It is best to manually rest at the Sites of Grace.

Quitting to the Main Menu

You have been playing Elden Ring for quite some time and you have made a lot of progress. However, you wish to take a break from the game. Do not worry as you could just save your progress and come back to where you left off.

Another way to save your progress in Elden Ring is by quitting to the main menu. To do this, all you need is to follow the steps below.

  • Go to Site of Grace. These are the glowing checkpoints. It is where you could replenish your health and save your game
  • If there is no Site of Grace nearby, go to your inventory and select Quit Game.
  • Option will appear – save and quit to Main Menu.
  • Select save and quit to main menu
  • When you would like to go back to the game, select continue from the main menu.


How to Save Your Progress in Elden Ring
  • Quit the game by closing the application or simply turning off your console would not save your progress. Ensure to save your game properly.
  • Going to the Site of Grace saves your previous save.
  • Game usually have auto save feature and auto-saves from time to time.
  • If you die after saving and quitting, you will respawn at the last site of Grace when you continue your game.
  • Saving regularly is the key when playing Elden Ring.

How to Save Your Progress in Elden Ring FAQs

How do I manually save my game?

You could go and rest at the Site of Grace. You could also quit through the main menu.

Does Elden Ring have auto-save?

Yes, Elden Ring has auto-save. However, we suggest that you do not rely on this. It is still best to manually save your game by going to the Site of Grace.

I am new to Elden Ring game, are there specific requirements for me to be able to play the game without any issues?

For you to be able play without any issues, you must ensure that you meet the game’s specific system requirements. We suggest to check if your Graphics Card could handle Elden Ring.

How many save files can I have?

You could save up to 10 files in Elden Ring which you could manually save and load. To do this, all you need to do is to follow the steps below.

  • Save a different file by selecting save and quit from the menu at the Site of Grace. Select an empty save file to save your current progress.
  • To load a different saved file, go to Load Game from the main menu and select the file you would wish to load.


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information which you could use to guide you on saving your progress on Elden Ring.

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