How to Setup a Tablet for OSU?

There are times when you would move your cursor on your device and it would sometimes lag. We understand how frustrating this could be, but, do not worry as just by configuring your device’s options in the correct way would solve this issue. It could, in fact, provide you an accurate cursor movement which would move the same way and in real time as you move your hand/wrist on your tablet. 

Sync movement of cursor and wrist is very important especially when you are playing a fast paced game. However, finding good options is difficult and challenging especially when you do not know what the game is about. Though that is the case, it always would depend on your personal preference as each and every individual has their own strategy and different ways on how to play games which is why it is very important to learn how to set up your tablet for OSU. 

OSU is a free rhythm game which has been developed by Dean Herbert and the game has been inspired by the rhythm game, Osu! Tatakae Quendan. This game currently has about 19.3 million monthly active users. If you love this game or is interested to play this game, then, as mentioned earlier, you will have to set up your tablet. This way, your tablet will be perfect and suitable for the mentioned game. 

Tablet Mapping

Tablet mapping is the first thing you must provide attention to as Osu comes with high sensitivity configuration just like any other game. Moreover, you must configure on the tablet specific app the area that you often use on your tablet. Keep in mind that each and every tablet’s manufacturer have their own app for customizing their tablet’s performance without using in-game options. This is a good thing as this would mean that you will be able to adjust the settings according to what you think is suitable without having to access your tablet specific in game options. 

Through tablet mapping you will be able to determine which area of the tablet you use. This means the smaller the the tablet mapping that you use, the smaller the area it would cover on your screen.  Some would like to use a full area of the tablet while playing, this would mean that most players would then increase their sensitivity. 

Osu Resolution and In-game Options

Once you get your tablet, you will have the essential options that re configured on your tablet app. Moreover, there are also some game-related options as well which you should check and take into consideration. 

The recommended resolution for Osu game is about 1600×900 at windowed mode. This recommendation provides you better performance and though this might seem to be advanced, it ensures that the ratio and resolution would provide you the best and the most accurate gameplay and best performance. 

If you wish to have another option, then our other recommendation would be 1920×1080 borderless. With this one, you would be able to see the notes better. 

Standard Configuration for Osu!

  • Ensure that you have sensitivity x1. It is better that you configure your tablet cursor movement, we suggest that you put the sensitivity at its native level. Also, keep in mind that you will have to ensure that your tablet’s drivers must be up to date. 
  • Turn the raw input on. This option is the one that is assigned with your mouse/tablet’s performance.  Hence, it is a must and highly recommended for you to turn this on especially during your game sessions for best performance. 
  • Turn the Os TabletPC support OFF. If this option is left on, you could get a disadvantage when playing your game. The reason behind this is because the tablet click could pass through the overlay into Osu! This could lead to bad accuracy and performance. 

If you are new in playing Osu! Then we highly recommend the provided configurations until you are ready to explore your gameplay. 


Could playing at my native resolution harm my gameplay?

The success of playing your game would depend on your wrist movement and having a smaller area with bigger mapping. But, if you are used to playing at the normal resolution, then, it would really be up to your preference. 

Can OS TabletPC support harm my gameplay if left on?

This is really not determined yet if this option would affect your gameplay in other games. Hence, to be sure, it is better for you to turn it off. 


We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you useful information about on how to setup a tablet for OSU! You can also check out our article on the best tablets for OSU.

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