Pro Power Save Bir Dolandırıcılık mı? PowerPro Saver Elektrik Tasarruf Cihazı İncelemeleri Tüketici Raporları

Pro Power Save claims that they could offer their customers a device which could reduce electricity bills by 90 percent. Unfortunately, this gimmick is a scam which uses fake customer reviews, advertisements and popular businessmen like Elon Musk to make it legitimate. Unfortunately, real customers would end up losing money as the device being offered is not real.

The Pro Power Save targets consumers who have the desire to lower down their electricity bills. They would advertise and claim that they are offering a device that has the ability to reduce the amount of electricity which would provide huge savings. Unfortunately, there is no device and the consumer’s money would just lose money and would not get any device or product in return.

Scammers also tend to use the name of Elon Musk who is a world-known businessman. This catches a lot of attention of consumers and would make it seem legitimate which of course is not real. In fact, Elon Musk himself has denied this and has spoken against them. Hence, consumers must be wary of anything that is too good to be true type of product such as this one.

Pro Power Save Device Review – Does It Really Work?

The Pro Power Save devices are sold online and could be found on different websites. It is advertised as a high tech solution which has the ability to save you money on your electricity bills. Though it may seem a great technology, there are many customers who have concerns of the device not working as it has been advertised.

The Pro Power Save device is advertised to have the ability to improve the quality of your electricity supply by reducing the amount of wasted energy of your appliances. This means, your appliances would work more efficiently. However, there is no real basis which would show and support that this claim is real and true. In fact, there are even some experts who would suggest that the device itself could be a scam. Moreover, there are some consumers who have reported that the device they have bought did not work as they would in the advertisements. In short, even after using the mentioned device, consumers did not see any difference on their energy bills.

If you are still considering and would still want to purchase a Pro Power Save device, we recommend that you do some research and calculate the potential risks. Keep in mind that advertisements could be deceptive and could even have fake reviews and celebrity endorsements.

Examples of similar scams

  • The RealWatt device – another energy saving device which is considered as another scam. Though this is the case, it is a proven real simple capacitor but not a reducing energy device.
  • Power Factor Saver – advertised as energy saving device but has been proven to be a simple capacitor only.
  • The EcoBox Energy Saver -is a simple capacitor instead of its claim being able to save energy consumption up to 50%.
  • Energy Saver Pro – This device is a simple capacitor rather than its claim of being able to save energy up to 90 percent.
  • The Electricity Saving Box Is also just a simple capacitor and is not an energy saving device.
  • Fuel Saver Pro – claims to have the ability to reduce fuel consumption. Unfortunately, it is only a simple resistor.
  • Smart Box Energy Server – Claims to reduce energy consumption by 30 percent but in reality it is just a simple capacitor.
  • The EcoWatt device – it is a simple capacitor instead of its claim of being an energy saving device.
  • KVAR Energy Controller – is also a simple capacitor and not an energy saving device.
  • Voltex Power Saver- is a simple capacitor which cannot reduce energy consumption.
  • Plug-in power saver – is a simple capacitor and not a device which could reduce energy consumption.

How to Spot and Avoid Power Saving Scams

  • Promises you unreasonable amount of energy savings. 90 percent is too good to be true.
  • Look for certification from reputable energy organizations such as energy star or underwriters laboratories.
  • Look for reviews from multiple sources
  • Take your time to do some research
  • Stick to reputable, reliable, trustworthy and well-known brands

What To Do If You Were Scammed?

  • Contact the seller or manufacturer
  • Contact your bank or credit card company
  • File a complaint
  • Educate others


We hope that through this article, you were able to find useful information about Pro Power Save.

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