Microsoft launches Office Lens app for iOS and Android

Earlier available for Windows Phone users only, Microsoft has launched its Office Lens app for iOS and Android today. Office Lens is a mobile document scanning app that works in collaboration with OneNote. Office Lens app was first launched a year ago for Windows Phone devices only.

Office Lens app allow users to scan different objects like paper documents, business cards, receipts, whiteboards and sticky notes etc. and then translate them using the optical character recognition technology to convert them into real words which can be later searched via keyword searching in OneNote. It can also be saved in any MS Office format after conversion and can also be converted to JPEGs, PDFs etc.

Office Lens is not the first document scanning app. There are already many apps available like Scanner Pro, TinyScan, Scanboot etc. Microsoft Office Lens only provides more convenience for users who want to save their documents in MS format or have their one Microsoft OneDrive to save directly on it.

Microsoft said that the app also lets you scan any business card and save it as a contact. But, this can only be done with the help of OneNote. After saving the converted file there, users can then use that data for any purpose they want.

Microsoft Office Lens app is already available for iOS users on the Apple iTunes App store but Android users have to wait a little longer. Currently, there is a preview program for Android version of the Office Lens app which Android users can join via Google+.

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