SanDisk 256GB microSD cards headed for market

SanDisk has been in the microSD card business for some years, and the company has been known for making SD cards to meet the local storage needs of customers on their devices — helping customers use on-device storage as opposed to cloud storage, for example (a move that contradicts with that of the Nextbit Robin’s cloud storage-centric focus). The company that has been known for its 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and even 200GB microSD cards for consumers in smartphones and tablets is back with new SanDisk 256GB microSD cards for consumer use.

SanDisk is owned by Western Digital, so the parent company took to the media to give an official announcement regarding the new SanDisk 256GB storage cards. “Our microSD cards are now at the center of many consumer devices, and we’re excited to not only raise the bar with the launch of the world’s fastest microSD card, but to also offer a family of 256GB microSD cards that give consumers the flexibility they need to capture life at its fullest. As a leading global storage provider with one of the most trusted flash brands, we take pride in transforming the way consumers capture, store and share their content,” said Western Digital SanDisk product marketing vice president Dinesh Bahal.

The new SanDisk 256GB microSD cards are waterproof, temperature-proof, shock-proof, and x-ray proof, as has been the case with its current microSD cards as well as those of others on the market (Samsung’s microSD cards live up to the same reputation). MicroSD cards such as the new 256GB card from SanDisk show that there’s still something of a demand for microSD cards, but the problem comes in when you consider that they can’t perform at the same pace as UFS 2.0 flash storage, for example. Adoptable storage is the only alternative when it comes to bringing microSD cards back to the forefront, and current microSD cards aren’t quite ready to remain useful to most consumers. I know a number of users who can’t get enough of microSD cards, but I think they’re not as smart as internal storage and would rather have a device with internal storage only instead of a device with 32GB of internal storage but have expandable microSD card capacity.

Ultra SanDisk 256GB microSD card Extreme SanDisk 256GB card


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