Skype Web beta opens for U.S and UK users

One of the most popular internet-calling service apps Skype has opened its web beta version for U.S and UK users starting from today. The beta version of Skype web was first launched in November with availability in limited countries by Microsoft.

The new beta version of Skype would run in Web browsers and will have all the features of the standalone desktop application. Microsoft is preparing to expand the circle of beta testers by adding more countries in the next few weeks. The beta is now open for anyone in the U.S or UK who wants to try out the new Skype for Web. According to the official blog post, the new Skype beta for Web will enter a new testing phase in order to include more people into it and receive their feedback about the new service.

If any user is interested to try out the new Skype for Web, more information can be found on all aspects of the service Burada. One obvious advantage about the web app is that users don’t have to install Skype on every PC or laptop they use. Sometimes, users only use a PC or laptop for a short period of time and to use Skype, they have to download its desktop client. Now, they can just sig in to Skype Web and start using it.

The move comes shortly after Facebook made its popular WhatsApp messaging app available as a web app for its users. The new Skype for Web beta currently works on Windows and Mac. Chrome OS users have to wait a little longer in order to get their hands on the new Skype for Web. Microsoft said that there is no Skype for Web for Chromebook users but it is expected to come out pretty soon.

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