Snapchat Unveils Video Recording Spectacles

Snapchat has unveiled its first hardware product as it plans to change its name with the purpose of offering more services beyond the Snapchat app. During the announcement and showcasing, the sunglasses appeared to be an ordinary pair of sunglasses though when described, it can actually record videos. When the glasses are slipped on, and you tap a button near the hinge, it starts recording up to 10 seconds of video from your first-person vantage. Each tap can record up to 10 seconds, while additional taps get you more than 10 seconds each up to 30 seconds with just the single tap. You can simply stop recording by pressing and holding the same button.

The spectacles will hold your videos until you transfer them to a smartphone, over Bluetooth for iOS or Wi-Fi for Android. The videos will be saved in the memory section of your Snapchat app. Snap has indicated that the specs should last about a day on one charge and comes with a charging case. An important feature to note is an inward-facing light that lets you know whenever the camera is activated, more importantly, an outward-facing light lets people know that you are filming them.

Snap has pointed out that the specs could be essential since it eliminates the need to hold up your smartphone whenever you are recording. Snap has also noted that the images that result from the use of the device are fundamentally different because the camera uses an 115-degree-angle lens, which is wider than a typical smartphone and closer to the eyes’ field of view. The video which it records is circular, more like a human vision.

The spectacles are expected to be available for sale this fall and will retail at a price of $129.99. Snap has already noted that the device will note be relied for immediate revenue and they are going to roll out them slowly.

The video below shows how the spec are used Video



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