Verizon tops RootMetrics carrier report

Verizon is a top carrier known for its reliable coverage, though Big Red is often met with disgust because of its expensive pricing on data, the type of pricing that T-Mobile shuns these days. T-Mobile has been making waves with its “UNCarrier” campaign, luring away Big Red customers in particular, in the hopes of helping them see that data (and life) are better with Magenta instead of the deeper color carrier. Well, the latest carrier report from RootMetrics is bound to upset Magenta and its customers, as it shows that Big Red carrier Verizon Wireless is still the best carrier in the land.

The carrier report has ranked the four major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint) in six categories and found Verizon bested all three competing carriers in all six. According to RootMetrics:

Verizon’s performance in our testing of the United States was outstanding. For the first time since we began testing the whole of the US in the second half of 2013, Verizon won United States RootScore Awards outright across all six RootScore categories: Overall performance, Network Reliability, Network Speed, Data performance, Call performance, and Text performance. Perhaps just as impressive is that Verizon won the United States Overall RootScore Award for the sixth consecutive time (bold font mine).

In other words, Verizon has made a clean sweep in all six of the RootMetrics categories in the carrier report, a feat that few other than Big Red have pulled off in the last six years. In other words, Verizon’s performance in 2016 is even more impressive than its performance in 2015. Second to Big Red came in AT&T with an overall score of 89.9 points, followed by Sprint with 85.5 points, and T-Mobile in fourth place with 82.5 points. Sprint has made great strides in metro areas, RootMetrics notes, but the once giant carrier is still failing to make any inroads in rural areas — the same Achilles’ heel as fourth-place T-Mobile.

Verizon customers are said to be crazy, to pay more for great service and reliable coverage than their T-Mobile counterparts, but even T-Mobile would sell its right arm to have these stats. Yes, there are many consumers that’ll tell you to “choose the one that works for you,” but I want to put my money down on the best. In the RootMetrics carrier report, it doesn’t get any better than Verizon.

Verizon wins in RootMetrics carrier report


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