Best Water Shoes for Men

No one could precisely and accurately predict a downpour of rain and when it happens, the ground becomes slippery. Back in the days, men battle with this situation by using unfashionable, heavy and boat-like shoes that would still get soaked-wet whenever it encounters puddles of mud and water. Worst, these pairs of shoes would make one’s gym bag stink. Fortunately, today, water sports shoes have progressed to more practical and cooler looking pairs which you could wear even when it’s not raining.

These type of shoes come with wide range of different functions and features such as underfoot traction, water drainage, thermal protection and cushioning. Though these features show the development of sports water shoes, luckily, versatility does not stop there. It is continuously being improved, developed, enhanced and designed more fashionably. Thus, hybrid shoes and sandals could now be enjoyed by hikers who would encounter bodies of water. This means, whether you go kayaking, scuba, boating, board sports, hangout on the beach or pool or go open water swimming, you will not have to worry about footwear as there are now aqua shoes that are specifically designed for getting wet.

Water Shoes for Men

1. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Water Shoes

One could never go wrong with Crocs. Though Crocks is known for their unconventional, unique looks, they are the most leading brand when it comes to water shoes. Their products are usually lightweight, tough and dries fast and easily. The swiftwater mesh water shoes is not an exemption when it comes to Croc’s popular features.

The Swiftwater Mesh Water shoes provides a casual outdoor/hiker feel at the same time offers practicality and effectiveness. Thus, if you are into hiking, doing water activities and hanging near a body water, this brand and model of shoes is highly recommended.


  • Comes in lightweight Croslite foam cushion which provides comfort.
  • Its mesh is fast drying
  • Roomy and offers relaxed fit
  • It comes with a wraparound toe bumper which provides extra protection
  • It is adjustable with hook and loop closure.
  • Very practical and tough

2. Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze Sieve Water Shoes

Merrell Men’s All Out Blaze is a pair of hiking shoes which could be considered as amphibious footwear whenever it encounters water. This footwear is designed to be used on challenging terrains. It also ensures that wading through water and mountain streams could be done lightly and smooth. This pair of water sandals comes with waxy waterproof material which drains water quickly.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is breathable
  • It offers fresh antimicrobial agents which reduces foul odor
  • Comes with added security features
  • Comes with comfort midsole
  • Quick to dry
  • Recommended for walking and travelling

3. Aleader Men’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

This brand and model comes with breathable mesh upper and a rubber draining outsole. It offers a reasonable price and impressive features such as being quick to dry, excellent traction and grip, quick drying sock liner and internal cushioning.


  • Quick dry
  • Machine washable
  • Fluid flow functions
  • ComforDry sockliner
  • Extra cushioning

4. Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoes

This water shoes offers the comfort of a pair of slippers at the same time works as water sports shoes. It combines barefoot-like comfort and high level of protection. It is designed with mesh inserts for breathability and insole protection. Its outsole grips wash away the slippery streams of water.


  • Promotes quick drying with its air mesh
  • Four-way stretch upper which offers secure fit
  • Sole bottom is designed to disperse water
  • 5-trac outsole for its no slip grip function
  • Could be used as shower shoe
  • Protects the feet from rough terrain and rocks

5. Neo Sport Premium Neoprene Wetsuit Boots

The Neo Sports Premium offers a clean look design and comes with impressive thermal protection that comes handy whenever the temperature drops. This wetsuit boots come in three mm thickness perfect for any water activity. It is durable and can keep your feet protected. In addition to that, this model comes with zips and high ankle cuff and traction soles which makes the grip stronger even on wet and muddy surfaces. It also has an entry barrier stops which blocks water from flowing into your boots. This model is highly recommended for kayaking, scuba diving and board water sports.


  • Puncture-reistant sole
  • Web water entry barrier
  • Very surable
  • Comes with side zip entry
  • Comfortable
  • Reasonable price
  • Comes with thermal properties
  • Protection from wet and rocky terrain

6. Keen- Men’s Evofit One Water Sandal

Keen’s Evofit One Water Sandal is known for its comfort. It is made of moisture-wicking fabric and is very strong and durable. It offers support, stability and protection specially whenever one goes hiking. It could overcome slippery surfaces and could withstand full immersion. As this model is very durable, hardwearing, water shoe-hybrid, it also comes with a hefty price. However, we could assure you that it is a good investment.


  • Quick dry feature
  • Removable PU insoles
  • Comes with rubber material which maximizes traction
  • Alienates foul odor
  • Machine washable
  • Protects you from slippery trail
  • Comfortable
  • Has a good arch support

7. Speedo Men’s Seaside Lace 5.0 Athletic Water Shoes

Seaside Lace 5.0 Athletic Water Shoes is a well-known brand and model which comes with super-light laced shoes. Its grip is impressive as it ensures you will not experience any slips. It assures its users that they are safe and secured in and around water. A pair of this shoes is perfect for swimming and navigating rocky waterlines.

This type of shoes has a breathable mesh upper, heel tab and bungee cord closure.


  • No slip feature
  • Hafif
  • Quick dry feature
  • Comes with heel tab
  • Bungee lacing system
  • Perfect shoes for swimming
  • Tough yet comfortable

8. Quiksilver Men’s Amphibian Plus Athletic Water Shoes

With a look of water shoes and sneakers, Quiksilver is usually mistaken as such. However, Quiksilver is more than a water shoe or a sneaker. This model is actually an Amphibian which means, it rules over any water situation. No matter if you would use it for water sports or you will use it for traveling, it wouldn’t be a problem with a pair of shoes of Quiksilver. In addition to that, it is comfortable to wear, versatile and lightweight. Its outsole offers sufficient grip and traction which ensures your feet will not slip. Its dry mesh lined upper quickly dries, allows your feet to breathe and eliminate bad odor. It is also very stylish which one would definitely appreciate.


  • Very comfortable
  • Comes with mesh liner which allows the feet to breathe and eliminates odor
  • Has a cushion layer between foot bed lining and outsole
  • Urban and water hybrid shoes
  • Offers effective drainage and traction

9. Adidas Outdoor Jawpaw 2 Water Shoes

Jawpaw says and has it all. It comes in simple design but includes enormous range of features. The Jawpaw is designed to be used in water activities. It is recommended and is a great option for beachcombing and walking. It provides great underfoot support and protection. In addition to that, this model also has climacool which ventilates your whole foot. It snugs to your feet in perfect comfort and its water drainage works to it upmost efficiency. It is also amazing with its grip and ensures you will not slip.


  • Quick dry
  • Breathable
  • Has a decent arch
  • Comes with drainage system
  • Climacool with 360-degree cooling system
  • Slip on style

10. Columbia Men’s Drainmaker III Water Shoe

Drainmaker III, created by Columbia is a tough one to beat. It is very good looking and is considered as a hybrid type of shoes which could be worn like a regular sneakers or if you wish you could wear it on a boat or water. This product is included in the list of mid-price level or range.

This model of shoes is perfect for rock walking terrain, open surf and the like.


  • Comes with open mesh and synthetic upper
  • Offers air-flow and water drainable midsole ports
  • Non-marking wet grip outsole
  • TECHLITE midsole and superior cushion
  • Very versatile
  • Tough and very durable
  • Impressive traction

11. Nike Aqua Sock 360 Mens Slippers

Who does not know the brand Nike? Nike is a very well-known brand as it produces high-quality shoes and the Aqua Sock 260 Mens Slippers is not an exception. It offers protection and is also very simple. It comes with a two layer mesh upper, foam heel and rubber outsole which provides utmost support.


  • Hafif
  • Comes with rubber outsole with pods
  • TPU heel clip and elastic collar
  • Provides utmost support and protection
  • Recommended for walking on hot surfaces
  • Comfortable

12. Vibram Men’s Signa Athletic Boating Shoes

Vibram is incomparable in terms of its features. It is also very stylish and would very much appreciate and enjoy. It, in fact, offers a feeling of running barefoot and moreover, would get a feel of water around you while it provides you the best support and protection.


  • Comes in 3mm rubber sole
  • It is slip-resistant specially on wet surfaces
  • Machine washable
  • Drainage holes and wave grip rubber outsole
  • Made of Abrasion-resistant stretch polyester mesh upper
  • It is a great fit design
  • Provides a feeling of connection with the environment

Buying Guide and FAQs

With numerous brands and models in the market, it would be difficult to find a great pair of water shoes that would best suit your needs and taste. Thus, to help you, aside from listing the best brands and shoe products, we made another list of things you would need to consider before choosing your water shoes.

Features that You Would Need to Consider:

  1. Size– this is a very important factor; remember you will need to ensure you are comfortable. You wouldn’t want your feet to be wounded due to small sized shoes or trip off them due to their large size. Also, we highly suggest that you get a pair of water shoes that are snug fit as this will reduce your risk of slipping or sliding off.
  2. Insole – though water shoes are waterproof, you would need to find something that would let water in and out of your shoes. This is one function that your insole does. You will need to check and consider one that is flexible and could provide cushioning at the same time offers breathability. Make sure it could also easily drain and is easy to dry as well.
  3. Outsole– If you want for your water shoes to fit your feet like socks, you will need a rock-solid bottom to keep you protected. Hence, we recommend a thicker sole with grip points. Water drainage is also recommended specially to those who love to go hiking. If you are into water sports, though, it is also recommended to have a bit of thinner and flexible outsole.
  4. Material– in every product that you purchase, the material is one of the most important factors you would need to consider. For water shoes, it is recommended that you consider one that is made of synthetic mesh or neoprene. Mesh is perfect for hiking, boating, swimming, etc. Neoprene on the other hand is a material that would provide you thermal insulation protection which is great for scuba diving, open water swimming, board sports and the like.
  5. Comfort– Of course, what is the use of buying shoes if you will not be able to wear it because you are uncomfortable wearing it. Thus, it is necessary to check if the materials, design and cushioning is perfect for your comfort.
  6. Dayanıklılık– You would want something that would last longer. Since you will be using this type of shoes most probably around water, then, it is highly suggested that you get one that is durable, strong and could withstand water activities.
  7. Breathability– This is an important factor in terms of the ability of the shoes to dry quickly and to ensure that there will be no foul odor.


1. What are water shoes?

Water shoes are made of synthetic materials that could withstand water environments. They are usually made of mesh or neoprene and rubber sole that will provide you a good grip. These type of shoes ensures your feet are protected and will reduce your risk of slipping.

Water shoes are designed to be used for water based activities like scuba diving, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding and many more. They could also be used for hanging out on the shore of a beach and surf line.

2. Why get water shoes?

If you are into water activities, this type of shoes is highly recommended as it offers stability, protection and comfort. It could withstand water which other types of shoes will not be able to. Moreover, water shoes ensure lesser risk of slipping and it is very lightweight as well.

3. What are the best activities you can do with water shoes?

You could use your water shoes on activities such as boating, surfing/windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing, paddle sports, coasteering, hiking and swimming. You could also wear them when you are exploring the coastlines, shorelines and around swimming pools.

4. Are water shoes slip resistant?

Water shoes usually provide a good grip and surface traction which means, they reduce your risk of slipping. They are made to withstand and provide protection from slippery grounds and water.

5. Do you wear socks with water shoes?

Most water shoes are made to snug fit your feet. Thus, they provide you warmth which will provide you comfort even without socks.

6. How to wash water shoes?

Water shoes ensure that your feet and shoes will not get stinky as long as you rinse them in lukewarm, fresh and clean water. Of course do not forget to dry them. It is also highly recommended that you give them a full wash treatment of washing them with water and wetsuit soap.

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