What are Virtual Fitting Rooms And Why Should Retailers Use It

The virtual fitting room is a new technological marvel that blurs the online and physical fashion trade barriers. The technology mimics the in-store fitting room experience, providing web consumers with a pleasurable, painless, and intelligent fit solution. 

Customers are constantly unsure how a garment will look on their bodies, making ordering online a hit-or-miss proposition. As a result, they prefer buying in real locations to try on the merchandise. On the other hand, virtual fitting rooms provide less space for debate by offering buyers several advantages. Let’s figure out more of this here: https://3dlook.me/content-hub/virtual-clothing-try-on/.

Help with Internet Sales:

Some 40% of buyers would be ready to pay more for a product if they could use augmented reality to try it out. Another 71 percent said they’d shop at a store more often if it included augmented reality technology. Retailers can use this to their advantage by installing virtual mirrors in their physical establishments. Changing rooms don’t need to take up valuable retail space. Instead, use the area to display inventory and build visual merchandising displays.

A Shopping experience that is both convenient and quick:

Did you know that 97 percent of shoppers have given up on a purchase because it was inconvenient? It is inconvenient to choose the correct clothing size from the hanger, stroll over to a physical changing room, and swap their clothes. On the other side, virtual fitting rooms do away with all of that. Shoppers can stroll over to a virtual mirror and view how their outfit looks on them without having to change their clothes. 

According to a recent survey, 97 percent of customers abandoned a purchase because it was inconvenient. Physically trying on various things is inconvenient and time-consuming, and this is especially true when buying online. Buyers are sometimes inconvenienced by selecting many outfits after numerous searches, swapping their outfits, and selecting the correct size. 

Returns and exchange rates should be reduced:

Returns are a constant issue for fashion retailers. If your return rate is high, it can cause not only additional administrative headaches, but it can also lower your profitability. When companies offer free returns, the impact of returns on earnings becomes much more visible. Virtual fitting rooms have the advantage of assisting you in addressing this issue and lowering your return rate. 

Customers choosing smaller sizes account for up to 30% of returns in eCommerce, while overly large sizes account for another 22% of returns. You can reduce the number of returns by providing virtual fitting rooms where customers may view how various goods look on them. Providing a virtual fitting room assists in resolving this issue. Customers can see how an item looks on their body without having to touch it, whether they’re trying it in-store or online.

Bottom Line:

For eCommerce enterprises, virtual fitting rooms have numerous advantages. However, if you truly want to make an impression on your clients, you might choose to take your store to the next level and establish a brand. 

Simple, start by shipping your things in personalized packaging and including a coupon card with a discount code for a future purchase in each package. Offering a total makeover demonstrates that you care about your consumers and want them to look and feel their best! To know more, you might want to read here: https://3dlook.me/content-hub/body-measurement-software/

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