A hydroponic garden suited for the city life

In many cities, people are forced to live in apartment and condominiums due to space limitations, making it hard to have a home garden. A Japanese, company thinks urbanites live a sad vegetable-less life and has sort to help them grow vegetables and herbs without the availability of soil. Foop is a hydroponic pod designed by the Japanese company aiming to enable urbanites enjoys the flavor and satisfaction that comes with growing their vegetables.

Foop is a Hydroponic agriculture kit that gives people the chance to grow plants in water as opposed to soil. In this city hydroponic, urbanites can grow lettuce, arugula, parseley, shiso, and basil. All are planted in seed form and germinate at a faster rate than plants grown in the non-hydroponic environment.

When seeds are planted in the hydroponic, Foop’s app set a period for them to grow. The user gets the chance to watch them grow with little to no interaction at all. After a few weeks, he/she is notified that the vegetables are ready.

To make it houses appropriate, the pod has a modern design with nice wood paneling that complements the greenery well. The unit’s wooden housing has been produced by craftsmen Hida in Gifu Prefecture, one of the most famous woodworker in the Japan region. The container has dedicated LED lights, CO2 sensors, environmental regulation fans and a small hand pump that provides air to the water for ideal plant growth.

There are no buttons on the casing, for purposes of preserving an elegant appearance. There is a small display screen with simple icons. Detailed information concerning humidity, temperature, water levels and light are sent to a user’s smartphone. Using the app, users can adjust the growing area’s condition.

The word Foop sounds funny though it turns out to be a portmanteau of food and people.

Foop is currently available for preorder at $359 though only 100 are being made. The company noted that they will begin shipping in September.

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