AMD R9 390X will have DirectX 12 Tier 3 implementation along with water cooler

Advanced Micro Devices’ upcoming R9 390X single GPU solution is going to present more goodies other than just sporting 4 and 8 GB of HBM (high bandwidth memory). According to a reliable source, the company’s flagship graphic processor will also be shipped out in the AMD Radeon R9 390X WCE model, where WCE stands for Water Cooler Edition. In addition, the GPU is also going to be feature full implementation of the DirectX 12 Tier 3.

Microsoft’s DirectX 12 API is known for bringing tons of performance upgrades and energy efficiency to the table which will present the rarest of opportunities for iGPU owners to get respectable frames out of taxing gaming titles. However, Tier 3 means that all the graphical features that are present inside the DirectX 12 API will be fully supported by the AMD R9 390X. This is something rare, seeing as how the full set of features present inside DirectX 12 have not been confirmed even though NVIDIA Maxwell series of GPUs claim to support all the features that the API possesses.

Furthermore, the R9 390X is also expected to sport 4096 shaders and ‘enhanced Zero Core’ capability. In case of the company’s other GPUs, AMD has not given word on whether or not the lower performing products that come after the R9 390X will support the Tier 3 functionality since none of the graphics processors that fall under the performance of the single flagship GPU solution possess HBM (they will instead possess the GDDR5 type video memory). AMD is expected to showcase its R9 390X at Computex, which is scheduled to kick off from June 2, 2015.

One of the reasons why the R9 390X is also planning to ship out the 8 GB video memory variant is because NVIDIA Titan X is going to sport a whopping video frame buffer of 12 GB GDDR5.

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