Apple announces new iOS 9 – plenty of new and improved features

The main highlight of the Apple’s WWDC 2015 event, the new iOS 9, is finally revealed. It was rumored widely that Apple would not bring a lot of new changes to its mobile OS and would focus on bringing stability and improvements to the already available features. Even though Apple did announced some new improvements over the existing apps but there were some surprising new additions to the iOS 9 as well.

Proactive Assistant

Apple has introduced a new tool called Proactive which is an update to the already available Apple’s voice assistant Siri in iOS. Siri is unique in many ways but it never came close to Google Now when it comes to providing personalized suggestions to users based on their interests. The introduction of Proactive to Siri will allow Apple voice assistant to make searched based on user’s request. For instance, saying to Siri, “show photos of California from 1st June” will result in photos being displayed on the device from the said date. Moreover, it can do certain tasks based on user’s interest.

Upgraded Spotlight

Apple Spotlight also got an upgrade with an addition of a new feature called deep linking. With this feature, third-party apps can now use Apple’s search feature to navigate users directly from search to their app. For instance, if you are looking to make a flight reservation using Apple search, Kayak’s data will be shown in the search and upon clicking on the result, user will be redirected to the app. All apps can now use this new feature to enlist themselves in the Apple search results. This will greatly help Apple to attract users to use Apple search instead of Google search.

Apple Music

Apple has introduced a new music app called Apple Music. According to Tim Cook, “Today we’re announcing the Apple Music, the next chapter in music.” Apple Music app also comes with a much greater surprise. Apple has also introduced its streaming music service that will work with the latest Apple Music app the streaming service will launch on June 30th and users can subscribe to it for as low as $9.99 per month. Apart from that, Apple is also launching Beats One, a 24/7 radio station with three main DJs that will be playing music on it. Apple is also recreating its Ping social network along with Beats Connect in order to connect artists with each other and get artist extras.

News App

There were reports that Apple is planning to acquire famous news board app Flipboard. But with the introduction of the latest News App in the new iOS 9, Apple made it clear that it has no intention to acquire Flipboard now. The new News App is a ditto copy of Flipboard. News App will allow users to access web content in native app. Apple said how the web content optimized for News App would look like and will yield best results for sources.

Trackpad for iPad

Apple has introduced a new trackpad feature for iPad. To enable this feature, users have to put two figures on the keyboard and it becomes a trackpad which they can use to move the cursor around. There are also new cut, copy and paste buttons at the top of the keyboard that can be used in apps that support these functions.

Split-Screen Apps for iPad

This is one of the most impressive new features unveiled by Apple at the WWDC event that will be available in the new iOS 9. The SplitView and SlideOver features will allow users to run two apps simultaneously side-by-side. During SplitView, both apps remain active and users can interact with them both at the same time. One awesome thing about this feature is that users can drag and drop stuff from one app to another. This will make things a lot easier for users like sharing files and photos etc. Swiping with four fingures will swipe the both active apps together. According to Apple, two simultaneous apps can take the screen display in the ration of 50/50 or 70/30. The SlideOver feature allows users to slide an app from a side to get another app in front of the screen. It can also be used to switch between apps.

There’s a lot of other stuff as well including the Rich-Text Notes, Loyalty Cards for Apple Pay and Transit in Maps. But whatever the case is, iOS 9 packs a hell lot of new things for iOS users so they have every right to get excited about it.

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