Apple Pencil will have a second charging method, company details in new report

The iPad Pro will arrive on November 11th, which is only 10 days away, and, as to be expected, the Apple Pencil will also make its debut around that time. When Apple took to the stage to announce the iPad Pro, the company also emphasized how the Apple Pencil connects to the bottom of the iPad Pro to be charged. It’s interesting that Apple would require the Apple Pencil to mandate charging; Samsung’s S Pen doesn’t require charging, so why would the Apple stylus do so?

Well, it seems as though Apple has thought through the stylus charging process and seems to have left something out. What is it? A new report says that Apple’s November 11th iPad Pro arrival to Apple Stores will bring something else new along: an additional way to charge the Apple Pencil. Now, alongside of the iPad charging option, the Apple Pencil will be USB charging-compatible.

This seems to be a well-considered idea, especially since a number of individuals could find their iPad Pro on 0% when the battery runs out. At that point, no consumer could charge his or her device with a dead iPad Pro that needs recharging itself, so Apple Pencil users would have to rely on an alternate charging source such as a wall outlet. We think this is a step in the right direction for Apple, but having two charging methods for the Apple Pencil is two methods “too” many. Apple should never have created charging methods for the Apple Pencil in the first place. Yes, a few minutes of charging can provide 12 hours of battery life – but what good is an Apple Pencil when the battery runs out?


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