Apps that Will Help You Increase Your Vocabulary

A lot of people would love to have bigger vocabulary. However, to gain it, you will need to spend time for it; but, not everyone has free time to enroll to a course or even go through a dictionary. Fortunately, with today’s technology, there is one convenient way to learn and gain more vocabulary and that is through the use of a smartphone and applications. Learning through these apps would only take you a minute or two at a time which you could do while you are traveling or during your break time.


This platform is perfect for learning new words and at the same time have fun while doing it. This app ensures you will retain words easily. It provides you words, activities, questions and exercises which will help you remember and test all the things you have learned through this app.

2. Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

This app targets students who will be taking up the GRE. It is a tool which aims to improve the scores of GRE exam takers and is a very well-known online app that helps graduate school applicants.

3. PowerVocab

PowerVocab is similar to ‘this quiz’ which is featured on Facebook and Free Rice. All one has to do is to match words to options provided in a multiple choice. What is more cool about this app is you will have to compete with other players and will also be time-pressured.

4. 7 Little Words

Learn through a game through this app. It will provide you seven definitions and tiles that comes with two or three letter- combinations which you will have to arrange into seven different words.

5. A Word A Day Widget

Launched by creators of PowerVocab, this app ensures you learn a new vocabulary everyday by putting a new word on your phone’s home screen every day.

6. Word to Word

This app is an association game which you would truly have fun with. It ensures to provide you lists of words and challenges wherein you will have to associate or find connections such as being synonym or antonym.

7. Penny Dell Crosswords

As its name indicates, this app is a crossword that would help you increase your vocabulary. It has a set of different crosswords including New York Times crosswords. Surely, you would enjoy this app especially if you love doing crosswords.

8. Words with Friends

This app was created by the same company that has created Farmville. Hence, you could be assured that you will also get hooked with this app. Words with Friends will help you learn uncommon words which you will definitely find very helpful in increasing your vocabulary. In addition to that, you could also stay in touch with your friends who are in another place.

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