AT&T LG G4 gets Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow is still touching down for many Android users, with Sprint HTC One M9 in the US getting the latest sweet update a few days ago. Canada LG G4 users have also received their Android Marshmallow 6.0 update, and T-Mobile LG G4 users can now update their devices with using LG’s own LG Bridge software (akin to Samsung’s Kies). Now, it’s AT&T’s turn in the States, and we’re sure that LG G4 users there are all too happy to receive the latest from Google.

The AT&T LG G4 Android Marshmallow update brings the device to Android 6.0 (not yet 6.0.1 Marshmallow), with build number MR5A8K and software version H81020n. The LG G4 Android Marshmallow update is a rather hefty 971MB in size, nearly 1GB (which is what you’d expect of a major update), and it brings customizable app permissions, Doze Mode for the sake of battery life, more detailed battery stats, default device encryption, Android Pay enhancements, and native SD card support that now allows you to save your SD card toward internal storage. We can’t forget the Chrome Custom Tabs that Google promised in September that are now available within Android Marshmallow. It took Google a while to roll them out, but you can now view articles within a given app without leaving the app to do so. You’ll have to wait for the 200 new emoji that arrive with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, however. We’re sure you won’t care too much about emoji to be all that upset with the holdout.

AT&T says that it started pushing this update out on February 8th, but we’re sure that some LG G4 users are still waiting for their update.

Have you received the AT&T LG G4 Android Marshmallow update? Are there any changes you’ve noticed? Any new features or tweaks from LG that you like in the new update? Are you still waiting for your LG G4 transition to Marshmallow? Take a look at these update screenshots and prepare to see new life breathed into your device when Android Marshmallow finally lands.

AT&T LG G4 Android Marshmallow update - 1 AT&T LG G4 Android Marshmallow - 2


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