AT&T now has 64GB Galaxy S6 Active, $649.99 outright

Remember the Galaxy S6 Active? How could you forget it? It has become one of Samsung’s best devices on the market, not just in 2015 but for all time. The one drawback to the Galaxy S6 Active has been that it was an AT&T exclusive, only for US customers joining forces with AT&T. It wasn’t available worldwide, only in the States, and only on one carrier. This differed from Samsung’s approach to bring the device to both Sprint and AT&T with last year’s Galaxy S5 Active, but it’s likely part of Samsung’s commitment to streamline its services and products to maximize profit.

In any case, even being an AT&T customer with access to the Galaxy S6 Active, and a desire to upgrade, the device only came in one storage model: 32GB. Of course, Samsung has doubled its minimum storage from the 16GB of yesteryear to 32GB across all its devices. The Galaxy Note line has enjoyed a minimum of 32GB for a long time, but the Galaxy S line got that treatment this year. Now, though, Samsung is continuing to pour some love into its Galaxy S6 Active by bringing a 64GB model of the device to AT&T.

The 64GB Galaxy S6 Active comes with the same features as its 32GB brother: a 5.1-inch, Quad HD display with a 2,560 x 1,440p screen resolution, an octa-core, Samsung Exynos 7420 processor, 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and, for the first time with the Galaxy S6 Active, 64GB of storage. The device also features the same 5MP front camera and 16MP back cameras that you’ve come to expect in Samsung’s 2015 smartphone arsenal, but keep in mind that while you’ll get the IP68 water and dust resistance, the military standard build, and plastic body, you won’t get a fingerprint sensor with the device or optical image stabilization (OIS).

If you’re interested in purchasing the device, the Galaxy S6 Active at 64GB will cost $649.99 outright, or $229.99 with a two-year agreement and comes in Gray, Camo White, and Camo Blue colors. If you intend to pay for the 64GB Galaxy S6 Active on a monthly installment “Next” plan, prepare to pay $23.17 per month for the device. You can still purchase the 32GB model, but you’ll only pay $129.99 for the device (the 64GB model costs $100 more). The 32GB model at $129.99 and the 64GB model at $229.99 matches the $100 difference between the 32GB and 64GB models of all Samsung’s 2015 devices.


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