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Every summer, beaches are crowded and everyone would like to be under the sun, feel the sand in between their toes and sea breeze blowing on their faces. Though it is very enjoyable staying on the beach, there are factors that could bring harmful effects on one’s health. One of them is the sun’s UV rays. It could bring sunburn and for long term, it could cause skin cancer. Sunscreen is the usual tool to fight it off but fortunately there are other ways to keep you safe and feel cool. A beach canopy could protect you not only from the sun but also from other natural elements such as the rain and the wind.

1. Quick-up Cabana Style Beach Tent

Looking for high quality, versatile multi-functional and easy to use beach canopy? The Quick-up Cabana Style Beach Tent of Wildhorn Outfitters is the perfect product. It comes in 56 square feet from its base as its height and measurement which could accommodate family and friends. It is made of 210T Polyester Ripstop and its floor is made of 300D Oxford flooring. In addition to that, its frame is created with sturdy fiberglass.

This tent is easy to set up. In fact, it could be done by a single person. Putting it back down and storing it is the same as long as one follows the directions. To use this tent for different uses, all you have to do it tie a string or lift a flap.

As for its durability, you could never go wrong with this tent and as for its price, this tent is pretty much reasonable.

2. Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Canopy

Though this tent is not on everybody’s mind and top list, once you learn that this tent is easy to set-up and take down, I am sure, your mind will change. Aside from that, it comes in a huge size of 64 square feet and about 5 feet for its peak where one could lounge comfortably inside.

The materials used for this tent is highly durable for children, adults and pets. It’s umbrella portion has a thickness of 450 millimeters which could protect you from the harmful rays of the sun up to 50 UPF.

Though this tent is durable, if used often, it will not be able to withstand it. Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Canopy is recommended for those who goes to the beach on occasion only. As for its price, this tent is reasonable.

3. E-Z Up Sierra Canopy

If you want a classic looking canopy, this model is for you. You could use this not only for the beach but could also be placed in a park. It is simple to use, reliable and dependable as well. It

comes with a measurement of 10 x 10 feet and could provide you a shade up to 100 square feet. It height is 8 feet which makes anyone comfortable to stand in.

The E-Z Sierra Canopy is made of steel frame and its fabric is durable that could block UV light and is fire and water resistant. It is easy to use, set up and put it down. You will not have to look for ropes and poles to build this tent up as you will just need to expand the tent out and you are good to.

This tent is very durable and could last a few years. As for its cost, this tent is on the expensive side but we could assure you, it is a great investment.

4. TuTu Outdoors Beach Tent

If you are looking for a portable tent. TuTu could provide this to you with their Outdoor Beach Tent. Though this model is portable it could still fit a small group. The X-Large option of this model could actually fit up to 4 people.

This TuTu Outdoors Beach Tent is created with 8.5 millimeter fiberglass poles which makes this product very durable and stable as well. Its flooring is made of 150D PE which ensures you that your tent will not rip or get torn easily. It is easy to set up and clean as well. All you have to do is rinse it off and allow it to air dry and your tent is good as new. As for the price, you will be glad to know that this model and brand is very budget friendly.

5. Coleman Instant Sun Shelter

A very well-known and popular brand, Coleman is always top of the game in terms of their commitment of producing high quality products. Their Instant Sun Shelter is of course one of their products that shines in the market.

The Instant Sun Shelter has the size of 10x 10 square and could provide 100 feet of shade. Its ceiling is vaulted which everyone could enjoy. It is lightweight and is easy to set-up and taken down as well. As for its price, this model and brand is a bit on the expensive side.

6. Easy Go Portable Backpack Tent

If you don’t plan on staying long at the beach, this tent is best for you. It is easy to set-up and put it down. It is also very portable and could be carried via backpack. It comes with measurements of 6×6 feet, 45 feet at the edges and 6 feet for its height. When it is put down to be stored, this tent only weighs 14 pounds.

Easy Go Portable Backpack Tent is made of aluminum and steel scissors frame which makes this product fire resistant. It is also easy to set-up and to take it down as well. As for its durability, this tent a bit bends to strong winds but aside from that, this tent could survive anything.

Easy Go Portable Backpack comes in the middle as for its price range.

7. Guro Beach Canopy

This tent is highly recommended to be set up with its lower part towards the wind. It claims to keep out 99% radiation free from the sun which means you and your kids are safe from UV rays. It is easy and fast to assemble. It is light and portable. It in fact only weighs up to 6 pounds. It height comes up to 6 feet. This tent could accommodate up to two adults and three children,

Guro Beach Canopy is made of tight weaved combination of spandex which has the ability to stretch its fabric. It is breathable with its Lycra material and provides protection from the sun, wind, sand and water. It is very durable with all its high quality materials which will surely give your tent quite number of years to live.

This tent is so easy to set up and to take down as well.

8. Otentik Beach Sunshade

This type of tent is very simple yet elegant. It was created and designed to protect the users from the sun. It comes with measurements of:

– Weight- 5 to 6 pounds

– Area- 10 x 12 foot

9. Happy Summer Beach Tent

Happy Summer Beach Tent is easy to set-up with its measurements of 6.5 by 6.5 feet. This means this tent could provide you shade up to 40 feet. Though it is not as huge as other tents, but this tent would surely give you more than enough space for you to feel comfortable.

This tent is made of lightweight aluminum poles and high quality lycra which makes this tent stretch. Though this tent is easy to set-up, it is a bit complicated to take it down and would need assistance in doing so. Moreover, it also is not as durable as other canopies as it bends to windy conditions.

10. June and May Beach Canopy

A classic canopy for two, June and May Beach Canopy could protect you without obstructing your view of the sand and the sea. This canopy measures 10 by 6 feet and could accommodate up to two people. It weighs about 7 pounds and is made of nylon material. It is easy to set-up and to take down as well. It ensures you are protected from the wind, sun and water. Though this tent

is durable, it is suggested that you take extra care of this tent from being torn or ripped by sharp objects.

Criteria for Evaluation

  1. Size – one important characteristic of a tent is its overall size. This tells you how many people- adults, children or pets could fit under or inside of it. Example, June and May Beach Canopy could fit two adults only while the Portable Backpack Tent could accommodate four people.
  2. Materials – We all know that the beach has a lot of harsh factors that could affect the performance of your tent- wind, salt, water, sand, etc. With this, it is important that the materials used could withstand these elements.
  3. Ease of Use – no matter where you will set-up your tent or canopy, whether at your backyard or the beach, it is important that your tent or canopy is easy to set up and at the same time to take it down as well. We wouldn’t want all our time spent just setting up a tent then would take it down again just because all the time that we should be spending having fun was spent in building up a tent.
  4. Durability – A canopy should not only be useful once but should be able to withstand the natural elements and time as well. This way you could still use it not only one summer but numerous summers.


1. What size of beach canopy would I need?

There are different factors to consider before you get to know what size of canopy you should get. One thing is how much area of shade you would need? Usually one adult needs about four square feet to be comfortable. If you are two adults, it is suggested to purchase at least with the size of 10 x 10 feet.

The next factor you will need to consider is the shade that is smaller than its base. It is suggested that it is best to choose a canopy that is measured close to 18 x 18 feet square.

2. What kind of maintenance does a beach canopy need?

Most beach canopies do not need much maintenance but for you will need to follow the manufacturer’s directions so you could use your canopy for a very long time. Before storing your tent, ensure that its hinges and joints are dirt and sand free. One best way to do this is by rinsing your tent with water. Another step is you have to air dry your tent so molds and mildew wont form on your tent.

3. How many people can use a beach canopy?

Canopies are created for group of people – whether small or huge group, it is important that before purchasing your tent, ensure that you have an idea of the average number of users that usually will seek for shade.

4. How much should I spend on a beach canopy?

Depending on your need, there are numerous types and kinds of beach canopies in the market. Fortunately, these come in various and different prices from cheap, affordable, value for its cost, expensive and to very expensive, we hope you will be able to choose one that would suit best your needs and that will provide the features that you want to have according to the size, durability and its purpose,

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