Beginner’s Guide to Fortify Restoration Loop

If you wish to boost or improve your enchantments in short intervals, you came to the right place as through this article, you will learn that drinking a fortify restoration potion and putting an alchemy gear will surely provide your enhancements a great boost. Learn more about this, read further and enjoy. 

How to do a Fortify Restoration Loop?

A considered phenomenon, fortify restoration is similarly close to paralysis. This phenomenon comes from a conversion tree which has the ability to enhance the length of paralysis even if it is generated without variation in your skills. 

Fortify Restoration Loop Fixed

When you start the game, we suggest that you go for the fortify restoration loop. To do this loop, all you have to do is get some gear, assemble a potion and drink it, re-equip and then create another new potion. 

Skyrim: Enchanting Loop

To be able for your fortify enchanting potion to enhance your Fortify Alchemy into energetic fortify enchanting potion, you will have to repeat three or four times the phenomenon. Once you have done this, for sure, it will be able to boost your products to high level. 


  • Minimum one item produced with Fortify Alchemy enchantment
  • Different products could be fascinated with Fortify Alchemy enchantment
  • Different gems
  • Ten to fifteen elements which are provided for Fortify Restoration Loop
  • Different ingredients for Fortify Enchanting Potions


  • Activate items for Fortify Alchemy
  • Generate Fortify Restoration potion
  • Boost up items
  • Drink fortify restoration potion
  • Expel fortify Alchemy 
  • Pull toward reverse
  • Artifice the fortifying potions. This will captivate the next group of items
  • Bring potions toward fortifying enchanting 
  • Fascinate the items with Alchemy


Fortify restoration loop is done to prepare a bewitching piece of accessories and it also, as mentioned earlier, boost up some skills. The potion also has the ability to enhance power of enchantment for a period of time. What is more amazing about this is when you combine it with Fortify Alchemy, your enchantment will become more powerful. Hence, we recommend that when you drink a potion, ensure that you use your bewitching alchemy. This way, you could generate some other potions which are more powerful. To increase strength, repeat the process. 

Fortify Potions

To fortify potions, assemble them with Abecean Longfin with small amount of Salt pile. 

Fortify Enchanting Potions

Another recommendation for you is to fortify enchanting potions which are created with Blue Butterfly wings and Snowberries. 

Do not worry as snowberries are easy to find on snow. Blue Butterfly winds on the other hand, could be found on grassy plains west. By fortifying enchanting potion with snowberries and blue butterfly winds, you will be able to gain and use unrelenting strength. The potion could also be created with different items. For more advantages, we recommend that you get first five mentioned Alchemy Skill tree generosity levels and use the power of the potions.  Keep in mind that you will have to pick up the first five stages of Enchanting Skill tree perks and other tree up to the middle. 

When you invest in the mentioned perks, you will surely get strong Fortify Alchemy equipment. You would also find soul gems such as grand soul gems and black soul gems. Moreover, keep in mind that you would need an enchanted weapon for you to be able to have stronger potions. 

Alchemy and enchanting stations are often close to each other which makes it easy to get these two different items. 

Drink, unfasten and re-outfit the enchanted product and then, create another potion. Drink the potion and re-equip your product. Repeat the process until all grains are gone from the surface. Generate a fortify potion and enchant in different ways. 

Why is Fortify Restoration Loop Patched?

If you are using PS4 as your gaming console, you could easily get a fortified restoration up to the maximus strength of 90 percent. You could also produce new fortified potions. Drink the new potions and create Alchemy gear.

When creating a restoration loop at maximum level and utilizing fortify enchants potion, there is a possibility for your game to crash. One of the reasons as to why your game crashes is because you have exceeded potion level more than 1000. Hence, it is recommended that you keep your level below to 1000. 


If you want to have strong enchantments, without restoration loop, you will have to use strongest potion which you could enchant your items with 25 percent enchanting potions. These are available in shops as well. 

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