Razer Blackwidow Ultimate (Gaming Keyboard)

Razer’s Blackwidow Ultimate keyboards are quickly becoming the weapon of choice for veteran PC gamers. Any gamer who switches over from using the inexpensive keyboards to mechanical gaming keyboards knows the difference between the two gaming peripherals. These gamers would also notice that it is near impossible to downgrade to the generic keyboard once they end up trying the mechanical keyboard. Let’s find out if this is a peripheral that game enthusiast should include in their arsenal.


The first thing that gamers will notice about the Blackwidow is that it radiates a very glossy look compared to the regular keyboards. While it may bump up the aesthetics, it also ends up giving a dirty look if you let some dust settle on to . The next thing that users will notice is that tapping the keys is rather comfortable at the expense of making more noise compared to rubber dome keyboards. This is because the Black Widow is comprised of mechanical keys based off the Cherry MX blue keys. Being a mechanical keyboard increases the durability of the keys and increases the comfort level of the device as well in my opinion. According to the company each key has a keystroke durability of 60 million keystrokes, meaning that the device should last you well into the foreseeable future.

Backlit keys

Playing in a poorly lit area can have several drawbacks. One of the biggest ones for a gamer is that they will keep on tapping the wrong keys erroneously and that is just plain egregious when it comes to online gaming. This is exactly why Razer has outfitted this keyboard with 5 levels of backlit illumination; to prevent gamers from pressing the incorrect keys and staying ahead of the competition.


For a greater level of flexibility, the Black Widow ultimate comes with a single USB port, and two 3.5 mm jacks for headphone and microphone inputs. The keyboards comes with two connectable USB ports, so if you expect both the USB output and the keyboard to function, make sure you have two vacant USB ports present in your system.

Other features

The Black Widow ultimate includes a 10 keystroke anti-ghosting system. So if you press any 10 keys simultaneously, the command will still be sent in whatever application you are currently immersed in. In addition, Razer also gives you the option to record Macros while on the go though we think Razer should have been more thoughtful when they decided to add only 5 programmable keys. However, there is one feature that most companies overlook when manufacturing military grade gaming peripherals and that happens to be adding an additional layer of sleeving on the cabling to prevent it from tearing. Razer knows how ferocious PC gamers tend to be and in order to keep the gaming keyboard from exposing its copper wiring; it has added an extra layer of sleeving; protecting the wiring on your keyboard.

Razer is not known for pricing its products with a friendly tag. Don’t expect the Black Widow ultimate to set you back mercifully because this gaming keyboard comes with a price tag of $139.99. No doubt there are cheaper products available for your perusal but if you feel that you can handle the extra price for something special as the Razer Black Widow, then go for it.

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