Best Android games to play with only one hand

Mobile games are a great way to pass the time while commuting or waiting outside the dentist’s office. The convenience of mobile games can be increased if you opt for options that can be played with only one hand. This is ideal when you are on the go, particularly if you are standing in the train. We have selected Android games that only require you to use one hand, or just a finger. Thanks to them, you’ll be able to have fun and put your skills to the test, no matter where you are.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump by Lima Sky is a popular option that is known for its amusing doodle-like graphics and simplicity. You just need to keep jumping up continuously, using a variety of items and platforms. Make sure that you don’t fall or hit a monster and compete with others to get the best score. You can choose from a wide selection of themes including Pirates, Halloween and Snow.

Can Knockdown 3

Infinite Dreams brings a game that allows you to prove that you can aim and throw with high accuracy to known down cans and bottles, using a ball. The game offers great graphics and while it has a simple concept, it is very entertaining. You will need to make your brain think hard and put your aim to the test in order to get the right angle and speed. If you know down all the cans and bottles, you will obtain the highest score. You can play with your friends to see who has the best throwing and aiming skills.

Cut The Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 features charming characters and fun gameplay that can be enjoyed by adults and children. Om nom, the little monster is hungry for candy and you can help him to get it as you move through the game levels. You can interact with other characters in the game and find the candy by solving challenging puzzles and using your skills to make your way through the game. The second version of the highly popular game provides a lot of fun and new options. By using your finger and slicing the ropes, you can release the candy so that Om nom can eat it.

Clumsy Bird

Flappy Bird was highly addictive, so much that its creator eventually removed it from Google Play and the App Store because he felt it was being overused. many players were also frustrated by the challenging nature of the game. Still, inspired by the success of the original game, options like Clumsy Bird have appeared and they are gaining attention from Flappy Bird fans and those who want to find out what was all the fuzz about. Clumsy Bird is is the same as Flappy Bird in terms of gameplay, but it offers customization options to make your character unique.

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 by Imangi Studios is a very popular single-handed game that is known for its innovation and thrilling gameplay. It is an endless running game that combines run and jump action with impressive graphics and interesting characters. New terrains are added to the game with every update, which ensures that the game always feels exciting and challenging. In Temple Run 2, you will have to run away from the monster as fast as you can and avoid the obstacles on the way.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is another fun option that requires you to run and dodge the obstacles on the way, in this case, you will need to avoid trains. Subway Surfers gained popularity thanks to its simplicity and captivating characters. The urban style art is regularly updated and you can control the characters using one finger, without even having to move the phone. To move to a different lane, simply swipe to the left or right and make sure that you keep an eye on the incoming trains and stay away from the police office and his dog. You can also increase your running power and get high scores along the way.

Canabalt HD

Created by Kittehface Software, Canabalt HD is a simple and entertaining option that can be played with just one hand. This endless running game offers great quality and it is one of the best options of its kind. As the world falls apart, you will need to jump from one rooftop to another, skipping obstacles as you go. You can run fast and as far as you can to reach high scores. The game gets progressively faster and more difficult as you advance. Make sure that you avoid the falling objects, otherwise your score will be affected.

One Tap Hero

In order to enjoy all the addictive fun that this game offers, you just need to tap on the screen to manage the movements of the hero. You can jump, run or do anything else in order to help the character to rescue his loved one, who has been turned into a teddy bear by the villain, an evil wizard. You will need to solve puzzles and go through many obstacles in order to defeat the wizard.


If you like puzzle games, you need to check 2048 by Androbaby, an incredibly entertaining game that lets you put your analytical skills to the test. Although it seems simple, it is full of challenges that will keep you playing for hours. The goal is to combine all the tiles to create one 2048 tile. It may sound easy but you will need to face complex layouts whenever the tiles are merged.


Maybe instead of running you prefer racing and in that case, SpeedCar is the game that you need to try. Created by OoO Studio, this action-packed single-handed game will allow you to enjoy fantastic 3D graphics and fast speed races. You just need to tap the screen in order to accelerate the case and to steer it, simply move the phone. To increase the score, simply change lanes and avoid traffic. Stay focused on the game because even though it is slow at first, the speed gradually increases and things will become more challenging.

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