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Instagram is one of the favorite social media platforms at the moment and every day, millions of people share their images and short videos there. Companies, artists and celebrities use Instagram to promote their work and connect with their fans, while individual users can share media with their friends, family and gain new followers from around the world. Instagram allows users to edit their photos and videos using unique filters, but if you want to enhance your experience with the app, you can consider additional apps. Here is a list of the apps that will extend Instagram’s functionality.


Google’s Snapseed offers advanced photo editing that allows you to transform ordinary photos into appealing media that will impress your Instagram followers, and even help you to get new ones. With Snapseed you can enjoy professional results when editing your photos. It supports an extensive list of options, including white balance adjustment, image sharpening, cropping, rotation, filters and more. The interface is appealing and user-friendly so you won’t have issues using the app.



Hashtags in Instagram can help you to give your photos and videos more visibility. However, it is important to select the best hashtag so that your media is not eclipsed by other posts that are using tags that are more popular. Finding the right hashtag can be difficult, but with HashTags by Matteo Biasetton, you can ensure that your media reaches a larger audience. This free app allows you to select a category for your photo/video and then, it shows you a list of the most popular hashtags within that category. You can easily copy and paste the hashtag and add it to Instagram.



InstaPlace allows you to make your photos special with captions and additional information. You can get location data and add automatic captions or enter the text that you want. If you want to let your followers know where you are, InstaPlace is a practical solution. This app was created by Byss mobile and it features a wide selection of skins to customize your captions and you can get additional options through in-app purchases. The Android version can be downloaded fro free and the iOS version costs $1.99.


Microsoft Hyperlapse

With this app you will be able to create timelapse videos without hassle. You can record a timelapse video and speed it up without losing stability. Microsoft Hyperlapse also allows you to improve videos that you have previously captured. It enables you to speed up videos up to 32x speed and it comes supported by Microsoft’s advanced technology. Thanks to its straightforward interface and ease of use, this app is another practical solution for Instagram.


Boomerang for Instagram

Boomerang is an official Instagram app designed to allow you to capture 10 burst pictures in rapid succession. All the images are combined and transformed into a video that goes back and forth, like a boomerang. If you are looking for an option to bring something different to your photos and to make your Instagram more entertaining, this is a great app to choose. The images can be shared on Instagram, as well as Facebook and you can save them to your gallery or camera roll.


Layout for Instagram

This is another official app from Instagram and it is set to give users the possibility of creating outstanding photo collages without hassle. You can use your photos to create great looking collages and the app gives you complete freedom to choose how you want the collages to look like. Simply select the photos you want to use (up to 9) and drag them to the position you want. The photos can be zoomed in and out to manage the focus and there are also many filters available to enhance the images.



Lightricks has developed an app that is perfect for users who love to take selfies. It takes only a few taps to enhance your selfies and portraits with the help of Facetune. The app allows you to touch up photos without having to use complicated and expensive software. Its powerful editing capabilities make it the right choice when it comes to making your photos flawless and ensuring that you always look your best. You can enhance the appearance of your face, improve your smile, even change your hair color. Thanks to the high quality of the app, the edits look natural and you can even add artistic effects to make your portraits and selfies unique.


Repost for Instagram

Red Cactus is the developer behind this app that ensures that you can easily repost images and videos from others users. If you come across a photo or video posted by someone else and want to share it with your followers, this app makes things easy and it also makes sure that the original poster gets credit. All you need to do is to copy the URL of the post and paste it in the app. Repost for Instagram lets you manage where and how you wish to credit the person who posted the image originally. Then you can share it with your followers.


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