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Mozilla Firefox is a very practical browser by default, but you can extend its functionality even more with the help of addons. There are many options available for free and new addons are launched regularly. With such a great variety of addons, it can be challenging to choose the best ones. However, we have prepared a list of solutions that are set to enhance your experience with Firefox.

Private Tab

If you prefer not to use the Private Browsing mode continuously, but at the same time want to keep some data concealed, you can try Private Tab. As the name suggests, this addon allows you to open tabs in private mode to make sure that they are not kept in your browsing history. When a tab is marked as private, it appears with an underlined name to make sure that you can easily identify it. Private Tab allows you to create private bookmarks, meaning that you can save links that are always open in private tabs just by adding “private:” before the URL.

Tile Tabs

Tile Tabs allows you to use multiple websites simultaneously as it organizes them in a grid that can be resized and reorganized in whichever way you prefer. When you split the views, you can create tab groups and a variety of layouts that can be saved and exported. Tile Tabs supports many options and it is perfect for multitasking.


If you are looking for an option that allows you to change the appearance of a website, consider using Stylish. This addon lets you customize the look of the website using CSS rules that let you change colors, images, fonts and more. In essence, Stylish allows you to add skins to websites in the same way as you would to apps or to your desktop. It is possible to write your own skins or select from hundreds of styles that can be found online for free.


This addon is the latest innovation in security for Firefox and it is one of the most trusted solutions available. With NoScript, you can avoid clickjacking, cross-site scripting attacks and prevent other content from being displayed, which is important when you are visiting websites that are not reliable. You can establish basic settings and adjust different details. It is also possible to whitelist domains or URLs and ensure that websites only use HTTPS.


Losing your work after the system crashes can be very frustrating. Thankfully, there is a way to recover the information that you have entered into forms and text boxes. Lazarus is a form recovery addon designed to save everything that you type into forms. The data is saved to an encrypted database in your Firefox profile folder. You can restore text whenever it is lost, regardless of the reason.


This is a solution that can’t be missing from your Firefox experience. It is an efficient tab management tool that lets you customize your browser’s performance. TabMixPlus lets you adjust the way in which the browser works so you can decide what action is performed when you click in the middle, or when you double click on tabs. You can also adjust the settings to decide what content is loaded in blank tabs and how newly opened tabs should be organized. It lets you merge, lock, protect tabs, undo closed tabs and more.


DownThemAll is download manager that supports advanced features in Mozilla Firefox and it stands out thanks to its fast performance. The downloads can be customized to adjust to your preferences. One of the best things about DownThemAll is that it supports a spider pages option and it also lets you download entire websites with just one click. You can also filter content such as JPG images and split the data into small parts to enjoy incredible fast downloads.

URL Fixer

With the help of URL Fixer you won’t have to worry about visiting the wrong website by mistake. Even if there is a typo in the address bar, URL Fixer will correct it to ensure that you don’t end up on a website that has nothing to do with what you want to see. It works like an auto-correct function in the browser. It features default fixes and also allows you to add your own changes in the Preferences dialog. It is a smart and practical addon that can save you a lot of time and hassle while you are browsing the internet.

Prevent Tab Overflow

We tend to have many tabs open at the same time, which is why we need a solution that allows you to manage them effectively to avoid confusion. You can prevent tabs from overflowing by reducing their size and ensuring that they can fit into the tab bar simultaneously. Prevent Tab Overflow is also designed to support some appearance enhancements. For instance, you can remove the Close buttons, hide blank tab favicons and more.

Resurrected Pages

There may be cases when a website simply won’t load and you won’t be able to click on any links. Fortunately, you can access older versions of websites and screenshots that let you see what they used to look like. Resurrected Pages is an addon that lets you find cached or mirrored versions of websites, letting you see them even if they are no longer available. It offers access to data from a variety of cache repositories and you can search through them.


You may have come across some websites that have really poor design or that don’t use fonts that are suitable for the internet. Some colors don’t go well together and if the wrong font is used, the website can make your eyes feel very tired. In order to deal with websites that are difficult to read, you can rely on NoSquint. This addon lets you set zoom levels for all the websites you visit or for some particular options. You can change background colors and more.

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